9 Benefits of Lactic Acid For Your Skin! #skincare


Do you want to know what lactic acid does to your skin Doc? And I have nine answers to your questions coming up. I haven't read that yet. So let's, let's talk about the first thing, What, what is lacking? Yeah. That's super Important. So many people want to know exactly what lactic acid is because it's a huge ingredient in so many important skincare.

Well, a lot of people are familiar with the word, uh, lactic, right? So it's, it's derived from the word milk. Right. So lactate when you're breastfeeding. Yeah. Was it came from that. That's so interesting. Yeah. And so, you know, lactic acid is often derived from milk, right? So milk products and things like that, but you know, there's alternate vegan sources for it. And it's got a lot of interesting properties, but it's, it can be fermented with starch and beets and different Starts. So then it could be gluten free. 

Sugar, rich foods. And, uh, it's a, it's a sugar, right. So it can be used for metabolism. And sometimes when we exercise, we build up lactic acid, right? Oh yeah. In our muscles, that's when we're here and sore. And then we use this, uh, in synthetic form in peels and serums. So it's got some benefits. So the next thing is, what does lack of acid do?

What does it do to your skin and for your skin? Great question. It brightens the skin and it smooths and evens the skin in a way it does that. Um, it helps reduce, well, let's talk about what it helps reduce. Okay. We'll get, we'll, we'll get into the science of what it does. Well, it helps reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dark spots, all those things we don't want. Right. All the things that show age on our face. I mean, it's one of the products that we use to kind of combat that. So the next question is what does it do Exactly? Does it work exactly? How does it work?

So it's an exfoliant. So lactic acid, as it implies, it has some sort of ability to kind of loosen up the skin. Okay. It's an acid and it loosens the bond between dead skin cells. So we talk about, um, like, uh, using different types of scrubs to kind of do this mechanically, you know, you scrubs have a grit to them. It's like sandpaper kind of takes off that top layer of dead skin. Well, this does it chemically. Okay. So it loosens it up and helps to kind of get rid of the dead skin and makes the skin dull cause the dead skin on the surfaces of stuff that gives you that dullness. And it's constantly shedding every seven to 14 days. 

That's why we have it in a few of our cleansers and our Smazy Skin Care line, because it helps shed those dead skin cells and get Them off. It's gentle enough that you're not going to have a major reaction to you. The next thing would be, how do we use it now? I know it depends upon each type of product, but for the most part in generalized peels, I like to do either at nighttime. So you can allow it to take place overnight or when you're not doing anything that day. Right. So same idea applies to lactic acid. You know, it's going to exfoliate a little bit. And then in the morning you may want to use a mechanical scrub in the shower or something like that to kind of scrub off whatever's loosened up because we want to get that off. Right. So It's, you know, it loosens things up and then you sometimes gotta take it off. Sometimes it just kind of falls on its own, but a nighttime is when I recommend it. Okay.

Okay. Great. Um, another question that a lot of people ask me is, are there any potential side effects to lactic acid? Yeah. You can see some redness. Okay. Uh, you get a little warm, sometimes tingling, some sensitivities, uh, some stinging, but this is normal. So, you know, you know, it's working and I, I actually did a little mask the other night that had lack of gas. It was, yeah, it was, it was a, uh, you know, kind of vegan based one, you know, always testing out new stuff. We were always doing that. Right. And so it was fun because I was putting it on and then, you know, I really got red and like locked. Yeah. It looked like I was in the pot for a little bit, but it, you know, went down within an hour or two. So that's why when you put these products on, don't expect to go right out. Cause you may be looking like you S you know, it's not a burn to just recommend doing them at night. Correct. Yeah. That's Important. So tingling, stinging, redness completely. 

Yeah. So here's another question is what can it be paired with? Because there's some ingredients that you kind of shouldn't use together or maybe use every other day. So we talked about, you know, pairing it with your scrub in the morning, right. So you do it at night and then you pair it with a, you know, kind of a mechanical scrub in the morning, take off the dead skin. Um, I mean, you can use it, uh, with sunscreen, right. So if you're sensitizing the skin with anything, things like lactic acid, um, always want to use a sunscreen. Sunscreen is basically like protection from the elements and the elements being UVA, UVB, radiation. Right. And that's in the sunlight. 

So Is there anything that we should pair it with? Well, I don't like to use it with retinol or vitamin a type products. Yeah. Like, don't do that mask and then don't put retinol on that night. Right. Because they're both sensitizing. So the retinol retin-a is all those, you know, kind of complexes will sensitize the skin. And that's why we don't want to go out in the sun after using those types of compounds without sunblock, because you're more prone to get a sunburn. So I think with the lack of sunscreen, so you don't want to sensitize the skin and then put something on, that's an acid that's going to cause more irritation as necessary. So don't pair it with your retin-a, right?

If your skin isn't irritated at all, you could maybe use a retinol that night, but not if you're doing something intense and peel.We'll go slow. I mean, the real that's great. That's great advice, caution. And then if you're going to use the two products, you're gonna use a lactic acid and a retinae type product retinol alternate, the days when you just don't try to experiment all at once, don't get a bag full of stuff or ship a box full of things and then put it all on at once. Yeah. Yes. We don't recommend doing that. You have to do. Yeah. So with moisturizer, if you're getting a little dry from lactic acid, you should layer on your moisturizer. Yeah,

For sure. So, uh, you want to nourish the skin, balance it out. You know, you want to have some moisture because otherwise the body's going to react. If it thinks that it's dry and make more oil, so you don't want that, you know, it can induce any kind of uptake of, um, you know, semen production, oil production. So obviously keep your skin moist moisturize. One of those cornerstones of all skin, you know, routines. But especially if you're using something that's, you know, chemical exfoliant like this. 

Yeah. And another question I get asked all the time, and we've already just said this a few times, but let's reiterate it because it's so important. Should I be using the SPF while I'm using lactic acid products? That's an absolute yes. Yes. All the time to us, it seems so normal. Like yes, of course. But a lot of people maybe don't really know you should Have on your bathroom counter next to your toothbrush. Some form of SPF. Yeah. Like you wouldn't go out of the house without brushing your teeth in the morning. I wouldn't other people might, it's not me curly whites, four minutes at the front of the desk here when patients come in and just in case, no, I'm seriously, but you got to brush your teeth, go put your sunblock on. These are like basic human health functions. Absolutely. Yes. Say yes to the SP. Yeah.

So even though it seems so normal to us, it's, that's what you're supposed to do. Most people it's just habit. Yes. So let's talk about free skincare. Yeah. So we're doing a new giveaway. We were doing it before, just with our podcast. If you left us a screenshot or she gave us a review, took a screenshot of your review, and then you email that to [email protected] You had the chance to win $200 in free skincare each month. Right. But now if you subscribe to our YouTube channel, all you have to do is subscribe, take a screenshot and send it to us at the same way. At [email protected], you'll be entered. It

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And then you'll be, yep. You'll be entered in once a month. Someone will win $200 in free skincare. You got to win it. That's right. Good advice. So thanks so much for watching. All right. We'll see you next time. I'm Doc Vegas, in Tonia Ryan have a great day. Yeah.

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