Holiday Gifts Gone Wrong


Holiday Gifts Gone Wrong
Well, hello everyone. And welcome to the Smazy Academy Show with Tonia Ryan and ...

Doc Vegas, Christopher Khorsandi MD.

Combined, the doctor and I have over 30 years of experience in the medical and skincare industry. And we want to share our best practices that we've learned from seeing thousands of our client's skin transformed.

Going to take care of you like an old grandmother.


I'm going to take care of you in this show. No, we're going to help you. We're here for you.

Yes. And in today's episode, we're going to talk about skincare items that have been pulled from the shelves. Skincare masks and charcoal masks that are giving people horrible reactions.

Oh, my God. I saw this. Did you see this?

I saw it. It was everywhere. And these are very young girls, for the majority of who it happened to.

So, let's talk about exactly what happened.

Okay. So, what happened is, there was two different masks that were giving serious problems.

Not like Halloween masks, we're talking about facial masks.

No. Facial masks that people were putting on that are supposed to help rejuvenate your skin, improve your collagen.

Yeah. Like, a nice little pick me up thing. A little guilty indulgence, a little kind of sitting around, you want to just put a mask on and hydrate that skin up. Maybe do a little treatment of some sort.

Yeah. Most of these happened around the holidays too. They were given to children as stocking stuffers. The average age of girls this was happening too was 11 to 15 years old.

That's crazy. I get it, right. So, this was like a mommy and me type of thing?

Well, no. Well, the moms were buying it for the children but they weren't necessarily using it because a lot of these masks, if they aren't produced in the United States, you have no idea what is actually in the product. And a lot of times they have found Doc, when you look at the ingredients, if it says something's in there, they might have left something out.

You're kidding me?

Oh, no. That happens all the time. That's why it's so important, mostly, to buy your skincare in the United States.

For sure. You do want to buy it here. We get a lot of international people coming into Vegas and it's funny, they come to the office and they want to buy all our skincare products because they don't trust the stuff in their home countries.

That's sad, right?

Well, I guess they know. I guess you don't take a chance. I mean, if people come from a country, like, say, for instance, you're buying your skincare products from China, and what we see is the Chinese customer comes here to the States and what do they buy? They're buying their stuff here.

Of course.

And I've had people in and I've asked them, I go, "But you can get this back home. You can get it in a doctor's office back in China." They say, "Yeah, but you don't know what you're getting there." And so, I mean, that's just straight honest truth. And so they'll load up on stuff. I mean, they load up on stuff. I'm like, "Okay, I get it. And it's pretty cool." But that tells me something. It tells me that in the countries that some of these things are being sold from, the people don't trust them themselves. So, why would you?


I mean, you have the advantage of going down the street to our office or just going on

Or buying online at smazyacademy.

And if you're in Vegas, come here, stop in. We got all our stuff. If you are buying online, it's at But here's the thing-


Plug. So, here's the thing. At least you know this stuff you're buying from us was certified from the manufacturer here in the States, comes from the United States. Is our own stuff and it's ...

Years and years of medical research and science behind the products that we're selling.

It's not the junk you're going to find on some of these things.

But what's happening is, okay, so it's fun. It's Christmas time. You're a mom, you're going in and you go through Target and you want to find some cute stocking stuffers for your children. So, especially little girls, a lot of the packaging is geared towards children.

Got to have a unicorn on it.

Well, that's very funny that you say that because one of the masks actually was a unicorn grapefruit mask.

I'm telling you, you put a unicorn on anything and the kid will want it.

Well, that was the second product. So, that was the problem right there.

Do you know how much unicorn stuff I have in my house right now?

I'm sure. Dr. K has three children. Little children under the age of five.

I have a stuffed cat with a unicorn on its head.

Well, unicorns are great. I love unicorns. They're so cute. But we don't want to use a unicorn to market a product to children that's going to hurt them.

Yeah. This reminds me of those irresponsible gifts from the 1950s that parents would buy their kid. They don't know any better. But give them a BB gun. Whatever. Who cares.

Oh, gosh. Some of the things we used to get.

They actually had a chemistry set, I think in the 40s, you could buy for a kid and it came with a radioactive cesium.

Oh, that's nice. That's really teaching them some good science out of the gate.

I shouldn't laugh. Somebody probably got sick of it. But, no, this is kind of like that.

That's what it's like.

50 years from now, our kids are going to look back and say, "Grandma bought me that mask ..." On what was it? Where did they buy these from?

Okay. Well, the first one was bought from Target.

Okay. I like Target.

It was the charcoal mask. I like Target as well. I mean, Target doesn't necessarily know what the manufacturer is giving them. They should, but, you know?

Maybe that's the problem with being such a big corporation. You can't get down into the nitty-gritty. I mean, the guy who's stocking the shelves is not going to know what's in it and he's not going to have a responsibility for that.

Right. It trickles from the top to the bottom. But it's mostly about marketing. So, they're just marketing to the masses.

Sure. AKA the unicorn. There you go. The unicorn. So, they saw unicorn products, say, "Hey guys, this is going to sell. It's a big seller for the kids this year."

And look what happened. So, the poor little girl-

The kids are going to love this.

She gets this in her stocking. She goes, and she puts it on her face. And suddenly she's feeling burning.

Yeah. I wonder why.

Okay. So she looks at the package. The package says, "Stinging and tingling means it's working."

May cause blindness but that's okay, folks. No, I'm kidding. It's not okay.

Okay. So, she thinks this is good. This is working. So, she almost didn't take it off. So, she goes to her mom. So she tells her, "Mom, my skin is burning so much, what should I do?" And she said, "Well, let's take that off." So, she washed her face really fast. It looks like, look at this, can you see the pictures? We're going to put some pictures up here for you if not on the podcast.

I want to see this. Oh, my gosh.

You can see on YouTube. It's actually-

Well, I'm not laughing at the kid. Oh, my god, that's amazing.

No. It's actually a burnt mark that looks like a horrific sunburn in the shape of the mask that she put on. But it could have given so much worse.

I'm sorry. This is so stupid. Why are we doing this to your children? I'm not mad at the kid and I'm not mad, I don't know.

Listen, Doc, Doc. It's all about education. And that's why we started Smazy Academy because we're so tired of people not getting enough education about the skincare they're using.

Look, okay. Here's the thing. When do you start skincare? When you're a kid, okay, unless you have a skin disorder, you have eczema. I get it, you have some rosacea, that's fine. You have some other skin thing. Okay. But if you don't have any of those, and you're a normal kid with no skin issues, no skin diseases. The only skincare product you should be using is a sunblock and maybe a gentle moisturizer.


And obviously normal kind of cleansing.

Or facial cleanser. Right.

Sure. But I mean, why are you putting a mask-

On an 11-year-old.

On an 11-year-old. There's nothing wrong with her skin at this point. The whole point at this age is that you don't need anything rejuvenating. Your body is an amazingly well-oiled mechanism. And at that age, it's in its infancy. It's not even gone through the damage. And so, kids nine, 10 years old, don't need to do restorative treatments. They don't need peels. This is absurd.

Well, the problem is they're seeing this all over YouTube and all over TV and all the celebrities, the Kardashians.

Sure it looks cool. Does it look cool if all your face melts of kids? Does it? Does it?

All the Kardashians are doing these masks.

I'm being like my mom right now.

And this charcoal thing is a huge rage. Like everyone's-

If Billies face melted off would you do it? That's what my mom would say.

Well, this is the problem. Their mom bought the product for them.

God, mom.

I know mom, you're trying to do things right.

You're trying to do something cool. Look, I get it. If you want to do a cool thing with your kids, do your hair together or something. Learn how to braid each other's hair. I mean, listen, I'm trying to figure out how to braid hair. I mean, I do it because I've got daughters and I don't want them to feel like I don't do anything. I'm terrible at it. But I think they're recognizing I'm trying. And I think if you want to do something nice at hair day with your kid.

It's cute.

But a mask with potentially acid in it. No. God, no.

So, the thing is, we don't even know what was in the mask to create this problem. And it wasn't just one girl. It was hundreds of people.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

There was also adults as well.

They pulled this from the market, right?

They pulled it from the market but then there was a second mask that popped up a couple of months later. This was a grapefruit mask that had the unicorn on it.

Well, grapefruits an acid. Oh, my God. What are they doing?

Like I was telling you about. So, they had the unicorn on it.

I hope they start looking at this stuff more closely from these stores.

And this was sold at Ulta which is a step above, you would think, from Target.

Yeah. But they're big companies. I mean, they're big, big companies. We're a little bit more intimate here. We're a smaller kind of more ... we understand this better. We're not going to throw a million things at you. We're going to really help you figure out the journey. And there are a lot of products and there's a lot for us to go through. There're a lot of things.

And we're going to be talking about the ones that have the medical research behind them that have been around for years, not some new ...

Or old.

Right. Right.

There's a lot of urban myths. There's things that like ... I'm constantly amazed at the things people come up with with the products in their house. This is another whole area of the internet.

That's going to be one of our next videos.

A very dark corner of the internet of the DIY skincare products. You can't imagine when people are putting on their faces.

Oh, yeah. I know.

We'll tell you about that.

Which we'll be talking about that very soon.

We'll tell you about that.

But what's great about what we're doing with Smazy Academy is that we're diving in deep with each individual person so that they can go into different forums and talk about their skincare issues and everyone can talk together. It's a whole community. So, you're learning more.

I mean, we want you to be able to figure out what it is that's going to work for you.

And not harm you. Because let's say it was worse, these girls got it off in time.

Oh, it could have been horrible.

Yeah. It looked like it was a skin burn. What happens if you get a first degree burn?

Yeah. It could've left permanent skin damage. I mean, our skin is so delicate and it's an incredibly resilient organ. It's the biggest organ in our body. But it is delicate and it's prone to damage. And that damage generally occurs in our childhood to our teen years. Most skin cancers start out from sunburns that occurred when we were 15 to 21 years old.

I heard that. Yeah.

And that's one of the scariest things I can think of because when I was young-

We weren't using ... people weren't emphasizing skincare.

We just started understanding the need for sunblock. The need for skin protection. Because I worked in Florida for a while. Before I moved out west I was down by Miami and there was a lot of skin cancers down there too because for generations, people move from New York and different areas to get away from the cold and they would just get out there with baby oil and iodine on it and just burn. And we saw so much skin cancer. I mean, it's some scary stuff.

So, anything I can do to protect my kids from those sorts of things. Number one, I want to use protective stuff. We want to use sunblock. I mean, any time the kids are playing outside-




As part of their routine, you brush their teeth, comb their hair, they go out the door, they should have some sort of sunblock on.

Which we'll dive deep into the types of sunblock as well. There are some that are bad, some that are good.

Yeah. There are some that are really good and some that you shouldn't touch. And again, I mean, there's so much information out there.

It's a plethora of unlimited information we're going to be able to give everyone.

We're going to take you through it and walk you through it. We'll be your guides on this journey for your excellence in skincare. And we'll figure out what's right for you. And listen, we're here. We're listening. So, if you have a question and you want to figure out what's right for you, contact us. Subscribe. If you're watching us on YouTube, subscribe below, hit the subscribe button. If you're on a podcast, check out our YouTube or subscribe on your podcast during your commute.

Now, we don't want you applying your skincare regimen while you're driving. That is not a good idea. And wear a seatbelt always.

Oh, I always wear my seatbelt.

For sure. Very important. But, listen, we're here for you guys. We're going to make it fun. And let's get back to this facial thing. What's the bottom line here?

Well, the bottom line is we want to help make sure that you are not harming your skin.

Or your kids.

That's right, or your children. That you help your skin.

When is a good time to start doing some skincare, preventative stuff that's a little bit more-

Okay. Teens.

Teens. Right.

Definitely. When your hormones start changing, when acne starts happening, that's when you start because teen-

Those damn hormones.

The hormones. And teens sometimes can be so awful to each other. And they're very insecure if they have too much acne.

Awkward time.

We're going to dive all into that as well because that's incredibly important.

Yeah. We want to make that as easy as possible. Those teen years of very awkward.

Yeah. They're tough. I have a 15-year-old. He's lucky because he has his mom, who's a skincare guru so his skin looks great all the time. But it's still making sure that their regimen you give them that they actually do it.

Well, you're a good mom.

Well, thank you so much.

And you realize that whether you have a little girl or a boy or they grow up to be teenage boys or girls, skin's a problem for everybody.


Or not a problem. It's an issue, I should say, that we should all be concerned with it. So, just because you girls or ladies out there don't have daughters and you don't want to share this stuff, your sons need the help too. We're out there too. So, see, cancer doesn't discriminate. So, protective stuff, things like that. And don't put these masks on your kids when they're just little kids. Just protect their skin.

That's right, protect the family. My husband, he's on his own skincare regimen, which we'll talk about men's skin care as well because it's very important too.

Sure. Sure. Yeah. Awesome. I'm excited.

Cool. Yes.

Ready for the next one?

Yeah. See you soon.

So, thank you so much for listening to this Smazy Academy podcast.

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That's great. That's a lot.

That's awesome.

We appreciate your feedback and we'll see you again soon.

Thank you.
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