How To Look Younger Than Your Age - Anti-Aging Tips For Skin


How To Look Younger Than Your Age - Anti-Aging Tips For Skin
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Combined, we have over 30 years of experience in the medical and skincare industry, and we want to share our best practices as well as tips we've learned from seeing thousands of clients' skin transformed. And today in this episode, we're going to talk about how to look younger. Six ways to look younger.

Simple. It's just simple.

Doesn't everyone want to look younger or at least great. I have no problem with aging. I think it's actually like a wonderful gift to be able to be around as long as you possibly can.

Well, You got to be appropriate for your age. I mean-

That's right. Age appropriateness is very important.

Yeah. I mean, you can look like unfairly young for your age. Like, "How come you look so good for 40?". Or, "How come you look so good for 50?" I love that. People come in and tell us that stuff all the time. My friends are kind of jealous because I look a lot better than them. Right?

Yeah. Sure.

It's a human emotion, right? We all want to look a certain way.

We all want to look nice and look... I like looking healthy. I think that's really important to me.

Well, absolutely. Healthy is important. I mean, I'll tell you, if you don't look healthy, you're never going to look nice. So that comes first.

That's true.

We can get into a whole world of unhealthy habits that people have and things that you shouldn't do, but being healthy obviously is the first thing you want to be. The second thing is you want to look healthy and sometimes we can kind of make ourselves look younger.

Right. And I think one of the number one ways to do that of course is drinking lots of water.

Oh, for sure.

But lemon water. There's something with adding lemons to your water that's making a big difference.

It's not just the flavoring?

No, it actually cleanses and detoxifies your liver.

It's a good thing, yes.

It's a great thing. So I do that every day. It's the first thing I do in the morning. I have hot water, squeeze half a lemon in it, put a little bit of honey and I do the same thing at night.

And you're getting a little vitamin C with it.

That's right.

There's a reason why British sailors... There was a kind of a name that they used to call them. They called them Limeys because they realized that without vitamin C, they would get problems like scurvy. Which is a skin condition. So these sailors would go out and be on the ocean for months and because there's no citrus fruits with them and they're not getting any vitamin C, they developed this disease called scurvy.

Did pirates get scurvy? I feel like that's where I heard it from.

Oh, absolutely. And so then what the British discovered is that they would take a stockpile of limes with them on these sailing ships. So the sailors became known as limeys. And that's how they kept themselves and kept their skin healthy on a ship. They would collect the rainwater. They would basically make a very dilute Limeade or lemonade and they would drink that to help detoxify their skin on these long journeys when back in the day, there was no sunblock.

Wow. There was no vitamin C chewables.

No, no. They couldn't go down to the corner tavern and order up a muscat full of the stuff.


No, no. This is a different time. There weren't these stores or professionals and things like that.

Pressed juice. Now we have fresh, pressed juice.

We have everything instant. One of the beautiful things is you can even get your limes or your skin care products delivered at the push of a button.

Oh absolutely. Like on Smazy Academy where we're educating and training everyone on the best skin care brands in the world.

Yeah. So you don't have to look like a pirate people. Okay.

So drink that lemon water. It's a good thing. Right?

Yes. I mean, nothing new there. The pirates knew about it. You guys know about it now, everybody [crosstalk 00:03:35]

If you didn't know, now you know.

Yeah. Its' very important. So number one, water with lemon.

Water with lemon's great. So number two, no smoking or vaping, right? What do you think about that?

Well, first of all, you should never start. If you're doing it, you should quit. It's just a mess.

I agree.

God, look, why do people still smoke? I don't get it. There's literally no benefit to this.

Well, I think I'll tell you why they continue to smoke. Why they start to smoke the first time, I don't know. Well, back in the seventies, they were trying to make people think it was cool. It was supposed to be sexy.

Sure. They lied to us. I know.

They completely lied. And then, okay, Ozzy Osbourne, right-


Right. He said... He's done every drug in the world.

Does he? Everything, yeah?

He's talked about it on his shows.

He's still on them I think, right?

I've watched him on several reality shows and he said that stopping to smoke, quitting cigarettes was harder than heroin or anything else he ever did.

That's probably true. I mean, nicotine is the single, probably most addictive substance in the world. And the unfortunate side effect of that is that it brings along with it a lot of carcinogens.

Right. Oh tons.

Not only does nicotine cause constriction of the blood vessels that feed and nourish our skin, but along with the smoking, if you're just getting nicotine vape, you're probably getting a lot of chemicals that are really bad. We're discovering that vaping is really toxic for the lungs. But smoking has these long-term carcinogens. The tar, the nicotine, they get built up in our system and it's damaging our skin all the time. So, if you want to stay young, put the pipe down kids come on. I mean, seriously.

Right. Do anything you can, if you are smoking to try to quit smoking.

Yeah. Well, you can quit cold turkey or you can seek the help of a medical professional who can help you with a number of different programs. So stop smoking.  I think it's super important. It's good for your skin. It's good for living longer. It's good for living longer and looking younger. So why do it?

Right. Exactly.

Don't be a fool. Stop it. I'm telling you. We'll find you.

Okay. So let's move on.

One of our representatives will find you and make you stop.

Let's move on to number three.

Okay. Moving right along.

Exercise and even stretching definitely makes you look younger.

Okay. Don't stretch too much. Okay, because-

Well, I'm not talking crazy. Some of these crazy yoga stretches are even too much for me.

I'm sure that's okay, but don't start stretching your skin, because that's not good either.

No, no. Stretching your body and stretching your arms. Because some people don't have time to exercise.

All right, All right, cool. I just don't want people to go out there and start pulling on their face.

Oh no, not your face. No, no, no. Let's be very clear.

No, this is clear.

Stretching the body, stretching your joints.

The muscles and the yoga stuff. Good.

Because if you don't have time to work out, even if you stretch for about 15 minutes a day, it makes a big difference.

Oh yeah. Well, it also releases some of the toxins that are built up in our muscles. So when you actually stretch your muscles, you kind of pull the cells a little bit and it's almost like they release some of the lactic acid that's been built up in them. And that happens overnight. Because the body redirects its oxygen flow sometimes when you're sleeping to your brain to redirect to the areas of injury and sometimes other parts of your body get a little bit oxygen starved. But that's the recovery process of sleep. So we wake up, it's really nice. It's quite a pleasant thing to stretch in the morning. It sounds dorky and you look really weird to your neighbors, right? You get up, you're doing all these weird poses. "There's Dr. Khorsandi."

How are your neighbors seeing this? Tell me how your neighbors are seeing this? Are you doing this in your front yard or what's going on?

There's a lot of glass in this house unfortunately-

Okay, all right, I get it.

And people got drones in my neighborhood. Every once in a while it's like... These kids.

Are we going to see that on YouTube somewhere?

God, I hope not. Please. So, stretching's nice. Releases toxins.

Increases your endorphins.

Yes. Endorphins are awesome. Those are super chemicals. I mean, they get released right after sex, right after eating, right after exercising, they make you feel good and so stretching is one of the things-

That's going to make you look younger.

Well yeah.

If you're feeling... You get the endorphins are raised and you're happy, that makes you look younger. The stretching helps with posture. So you're not more hunched over and looking older.

And it actually helps the skin. It makes the skin actually look better. And we're not talking about stretching your skin, we're talking about stretching your body. Clearing it of toxins, getting it out, getting all that bad Juju out in the morning, starting the day fresh in the new. That's important. And exercise too.

So the other thing about exercise is that when you exercise, you actually increase your heart rate. It's like you try to get up to certain... Cardiovascular may be of 140s beats per minute. It's 160 if you're really trying to push it. And then 120 is if you're trying to burn fat. But getting that heart rate up has one really cool effect. So our blood is a living tissue, right? And so it's got scrubbers in there, things that clean up our body, things that deliver nutrients. It's just such an incredibly wonderful and beautifully complex system.

And what happens is that all that framework, all those little workers in your blood, they need to get to where they need to go. How do they get there? By circulating in your body. Now, think about this. The more you circulate them, the faster you circulate them within reason, the more chance for repairing damage occurs. The less chance for infection. You circulate your white blood cells. They're like our little army. They do battle every single day with all this stuff that we come in contact from our environment and they keep us healthy, our immune system. Getting your immune system healthy, protects us from skin cancer, other types of cancer, aging. So exercise-

Super duper important.

Really important. Don't go running in 118 degree heat here in Vegas with one of those solar suits on. That'll make you look like a dried up raisin. That is not what we're expecting you to do.

Absolutely not. I barely even go outside during the summer.

We have our methods of survival here in Vegas in the summertime. Everybody's got a plan here. At the end of the day, exercise on a frequent basis. How many days a week?

I think that three to four days a week is a good number to stay at. The other days, at least stretch. Take 15 minutes for yourself to do some stretches. Mat stretches, stretch your body out. And it just helps increase...

Yeah. I think three to four times a week, 20 minutes to 30 minutes I think is more than adequate for 90% of people. If you want to lose weight, more frequent. You want to maintain your body. I think three to four times a week is very important.


Good stuff.

That's good. Keep exercising.

Okay. What's next?

Number four. Now I want to ask you. We're going to talk about getting plenty of rest. What do you think is the best number or is there a best number because is it just based off of how many hours of sleep?

Well, there's always people that brag about how little sleep they can function on.

I know. I don't know why they brag like that. That's not a positive.

I feel sorry for them. I do.

I agree.

I really do. But there are some people who are hyperactive so maybe they do require a little bit less. But for me I'm like right in the slot when I'm around seven to eight hours of sleep.

That's what I thought you were going to say.

I like my sleep. Sleeping is actually... It's not like I want to be asleep all the time, but that eight hours I look forward to.

Sure. You heal when you sleep. Number one.

Yeah, for sure. Standing in the OR, concentrating on cases, there's a lot of patients in our clinic. We see sometimes 70 patients in our clinic. It's a lot of stories that were being told. So, sleep is really important. Our brain processes all this stuff that we saw during the day. Our body heals all the physical stuff. And then the cells themselves actually go into repair mechanisms throughout the body. It's a beautiful... My undergraduate degree was biology because I love this stuff. It's such a beautiful symphony of cells all talking together and at nighttime, they go into this different mode. They recover. So, so important. And that's what's going to keep you looking young. You know what you look like when you don't sleep. I don't have to tell you. Bags under your eyes...

Absolutely. I need the same as you. About seven to eight hours. If I don't get that, I just don't feel well.

I tell patients sleep is a debt. Okay. So if you go couple of weeks, couple of weeks, couple months, couple years without good sleep, you actually, I think, and I there's some studies that shows that you rack up a bit of a debt. Meaning that you got to pay the piper eventually. And so we see this with patients who have sleep apnea and they get their CPAP to help them sleep. They're like, Doc, I'm out like in three seconds and I'm sleeping all the time. And that's because their body's trying to repair itself.

Trying to repair and recover.

And for this long period of stress. Bad sleep is also a stress on the heart. So you can tell there's so many studies that show people with sleep apnea, bad sleep, they have more heart disease.

Well, of course. Because if you heal when you're sleeping and you're not getting enough healing time, you're going to get in trouble.

Bring it back to skin because the skin's an organ. If you're not letting that heal at night, you're not doing your body good and you're not going to look great. It's really simple stuff. And so as we age, there's different techniques for finding good night's rest. We could talk about those at another time.

Absolutely. That'll be a whole nother episode.

Whole other episode on how you get your best sleep.

Okay. So let's talk about number five now. And this is trying to get the best skin care for your skin type. Which is really important. A lot of people don't even know what their skin type is or what the best skincare is. And that is the key to looking youthful.

When we say key, again, I can't stress this enough. I think that skincare is a lock and key sort of method. There's one key that'll turn the lock for your skincare like health. And that means that sometimes you need a product from the Alastin line. You need a product from the Obagi line. You need a product from the SkinCeuticals line. There may be a product in each category that fits your skin type.

Right. So you can mix and match. It doesn't have to be one type of brand.

Yeah. You don't have to be like a fan boy. Like, "I only use this".

"I'm only using this."

You're not being paid to endorse this stuff and neither are we. We're going to tell you, "I think that this is going to work better for you". And here's the thing. Even if I say that [MS 00:13:52] may work better, it may not work for you. So you've really got to sometimes be, it's a little process of trial and error.

It is a process of trial and error. But, the more information they give us about them and what their skin concerns are-

The more we can tailor the approach.

Right. Like when I lived in Florida, it's crazy humid. So I use totally different skin... Not totally different, but different... I added different pieces to my regimen from Florida with all the humidity than what I've done here in the desert, in Las Vegas. It's a big difference.

I also like, when I travel, I like to go to other countries and find little skincare products. It's like little cool stuff you can't get here. That's fun. Yeah. But definitely I think when it comes down to is that everybody has a routine that's going to work for them.

Yes. And it's great that you go and you do that in the different countries in that too, because then you're really experimenting and figuring out all the different types of skincare that are out there. So we can bring them best-

There's a lot of junk. There's a lot of garbage out there. No doubt.

Because all we carry is the best medical grade.

We don't carry things that don't work. We carry medical grade mostly. We'll have some stuff that you can probably find some places. But at the end of the day, I think that majority of stuff that works is the real stuff. It's the medical grade stuff.

It is. It's still over the counter without a prescription, which is great. So let's talk about number six. This is, I think the most important. All of them are important, but this one, if you do not follow this, you're going to have a problem. And that is-

Don't come back. If you don't use this, don't come back. I don't want you watching anymore.

He's kidding. Don't listen to him.

No, you can come back. But we'll look at you in judgment.

We'll know if you're using...

You know what this is? What is this?

Always use a sunscreen.

Always. Jack Kerouac said it to a speech in Harvard.

Tell us who he is.

He was a famous author. Maybe it wasn't Jack Kerouac. Maybe it was Jack Candy from Saturday Night Live. But he said... There was that talk he gave. He said, "I have one piece of advice. Always wear sunscreen". And he talked about all these things like choose good friends, be happy, do this. And at the end of it, he said, "But always wear a sunscreen". You can't emphasize this enough. And I think we have come to realize that the earth isn't the most friendly environment for the skin.

Wow. Everything that we keep hearing more and more and more, it gets a little bit scarier about how the sun just seems to be what, getting closer and closer?

No, no, no.

There's too much information to even keep up with it. What is it?

What it is, is that the sun's always been bad for our skins. And we have become more outdoors over the last three or four generations. My parents, recreational time wasn't a thing. And my grandparents, I don't think they knew what a recreational vehicle was. They didn't have jet skis. They didn't have dirt bikes. They weren't out like that. They worked and they went home. But we're outdoors more and more and the sun is-

Not to interrupt you but when you say outdoors, what about for all the indoor people and the blue light that we're getting?

Oh, that's terribly aging because it's still radiation. And so I think the most damaging wavelength is the ultraviolet radiation wavelength, which is near the blue wavelengths. Blue light is definitely not great for our skin, but nowhere near as damaging as ultraviolet. Ultraviolet light actually damages our DNA, which is kind of scary. That's the instruction manual for a cell on how to live. It's the computer program programmed to keep you alive and UV radiation damages it. It causes damage with that. And then that's what causes the cell to break down and not be able to repair itself, leading to things like skin cancer. Or the repair mechanism goes haywire and the cell over replicates and it leads to skin cancer.

So every day, wear a sunscreen. So important.

And if you're not doing it, why even listen to the rest of this?

Well, there's sunscreen even in women's foundation or makeup. There's many ways to get sunscreen.

Sure. But there are certain types of sunscreen we'll get into. Some of them actually aren't really good for the environment. They're not good for the environment. They're not good for your skin. They have chemicals in them. There are more natural alternatives to that.

We will do a full video about the types of sunscreen to choose.

Yeah. But the thing is this, when you wake up in the morning, you have your regimen somewhere in there. Whether it's the only step or it's one of many steps, if you don't walk out of that house with some sunscreen on, and I don't care if you're in Seattle or you're down in Florida, in Miami near the beaches, or you're somewhere international, whatever level of sun that you get, you're getting more than you actually think. And there was this amazing picture in the Journal of the American Medical Association. And if we could put it up, it'd be cool.

And you could see there's a person. They drove a milk truck. They're 27, 30 years in Chicago. Chicago's not like the sunniest part of the country. But in that milk truck... It's like a UPS truck where the door slid open. And he would sit with the left side of his face hitting the sun. It felt great. It had the door open in 20 degrees, Chicago, spring weather. It's really cold there. Who knows what this guy did. Or maybe the door was closed, the window was there, but there was no tint on it. But if you look at this guy's face. Oh my God, you could see it. It's like one of the most amazing differences between the left side and the right side of his face.

The left side looked like he was 90 years old. He looked like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. The dark side. "The dark side." This was the dark side. Actually. This is the side that got all the sunlight. And then the other side, they got much less sun. It was more of an age appropriate thing. It was one of the most startling images of why you need to use sun protection. Whether you're going out in the sun or planning to go out in the sun, or you just going from your house to your car to work, you need that foundation of sunscreen.

Always use it. So let's go over them again real quick. Number one, drink lots of water, especially lemon water. Number two, no smoking or vaping. If you are smoking, you should cut that out. Number three, exercise. Even if it's just stretching throughout the day somehow. Number four, getting plenty of rest. Number five, use the best sunscreen and we can help you choose that at Smazy Academy. And use a sunscreen every single day. So thank you so much for listening to this Smazy Academy podcast.

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That's great. That's a lot.

That's awesome.

We appreciate your feedback and we'll see you again soon.

Thank you.