What Is Crepey Skin Tips For Treating Crepey Skin!


What Is Crepey Skin Tips For Treating Crepey Skin!
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You just got into this.

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In today's episode, we're going to be talking about crepey skin. I hate that word.

Not to be confused with creepy, okay? But, crepey.

It is creepy, right?

You know a word I hate? I hate the word moist. I don't know why.

Oh, gosh. Crepey's the same, it's in the same category, right?

Yeah, it's just these things that you don't want to hear and when somebody says, "Moist", you're like, "Nah."

You cringe.

Just don't follow that up with anything else, okay?

I'm not, [inaudible 00:00:55].

No, them. I don't want them to say, "I have a moist..." Just leave that alone.

Oh my God.

Just nothing good comes like that.

Doc, I get visuals. We can't do this.

Oh, all right.

Okay, crepey skin guys. Do you know what it is? And do you know why they call it crepey skin?

Not crappy skin, but it can look crappy.


Yes, crepey.

Do you know why they call it crepey skin?

Why do they call it crepey skin?

They call it crepey skin because the skin gets really wrinkly and it almost looks like crepe paper.

Okay, yeah.

That's where the word comes from.

All right. Well yeah, of course. I've seen that, and we see that most often around the eyes. I think that, that's one of the areas where people really start to show it and that's because around the eyes, especially in the lower lids, the eyes are only about seven to 10 cell layers thick. It's crazy, if you think about it, it's super, super thin. When we're doing surgery, I mean, it's the most delicate of instruments that we use around the eyelids and so it's got to be the first area that gets crepey. I mean, you compare that to your back, I mean, your back is really thick, right?


So you never see people with crepey back skin, right?


But you do see people... I mean, not crepey.

Yeah, but not really.

Maybe wrinkly, which I think is crepey on a very... No, like back, I'm talking about on the back.

This is the terrible crepey I see in a lot of people.

Yeah, we see that too, because that also is very, very thin. Actually the crepey part that's really thin is the interior part.


I mean, the inside part of the forearm here. That is one of the things that we see in post-menopausal women, right?


So we'll see that skin starts to change, right? The hormonal milieu, which is a fancy word to say the mixture of hormones, basically changes and you get crepier skin. So crepey skin can happen from a number of reasons, okay?

Okay. I would say one of the biggest reasons would be weight loss, maybe.

That can be one of them. I mean, if you think about it, skin is like an elastic, an elastic, let's make an analogy of a balloon, right? So if you take a little balloon out of a package and you blow it up, it's shiny when you take it out of the package, right? But you blow it up, stays inflated for a couple days maybe if you're lucky and then it comes down, and it never goes back to that shiny little balloon you take out of the packet, now the elasticity has been stretched out.

Now you can think of your lower eyelid in the same way, if you suffer from puffiness in the morning, you wake up every morning, maybe you're allergic to something in the environment that's probably the issue.


Or maybe lack of hydration-

Always lack of hydration.

... get a little bit of a little bit of a reaction in that area. So your eye swells up kind of like a balloon, and then maybe you stand up and it's a funny thing that happens. It's called a gradation column, right? When you stand up, you're like a column of water, the body's more than two thirds water and the pressure gets pulled down. So if you stand for a long period of time, your feet swell up. Well, when you lay down, your eyes start to swell up and you repeat that process every day, get up, the swelling goes down. And now that shiny balloon that was once your lower lids is this crepey weird looking, you smile, it crinkles in the weirdest ways.


It's lost its elasticity.

So it also could come from smoking as well. Right?

Oh, for sure.

Yeah. because smoking is horrific for the skin.

Smoking makes everything bad.

Nowadays, we should say vaping because that's what everyone is doing, even more than smoking.

Vaping too, yes. Well, vaping has its own set of issues, that smoking doesn't, but the most toxic part of the smoke when it relates to skin elasticity is the nicotine.

Oh okay.

And so what happens, whether you're vaping or inhaling tobacco, the nicotine attaches to the cells. It actually causes constriction of the blood vessels that supply the skin, those are called the capillaries. And when the blood vessels are constricted, it's not getting oxygen, right? And it suffers from free radical damage, right? So it goes into an anoxic state sometimes, or even a hypoxic state, which means low oxygen, and the skin cells just kind of conk out sometimes. And that elastin, which is a molecule, becomes damaged from free radical damage.

It's funny that you're saying elastin, because Alastin is one of the skincare products that actually helps with crepey skin. It's one of the best.

Yeah, well Alastin's a great play on the name elastin, right?


They're spelled a little bit different, it's with an A.

A versus the E.

So if you're searching for this stuff online, it's A-L-


Right. But I guess the word elastin was probably taken somewhere, but nevertheless, I mean, the idea is that it Alastin was founded on this principle of restoring the elastin and collagen in your skin. So some of their best products are some of the products that I actually use myself, every night.

Yeah. Well, they have a body transformation product, which is so great, I've been using it. I don't have any crepey skin at all around my arms, thank God, that's probably because I exercise and I drink a lot of water and get a lot of sleep, I don't smoke, any of those things. But around the knees, maybe a little bit, I've been using it there and I've seen a difference, but the best is the Restorative Neck Complex for the décolletage, that's made a huge difference.

Yes. Well, that stuff is awesome, the Restorative Complex, because a component of it, some of the stuff that I think is one of the best products for pre and post laser treatments, which is the nectar.

Okay. Oh, yes, the Alastin nectar,

The nectar, I mean, if there was an awards show for best product in the last two years, it was probably Alastin. I think it's about three years now, it's been out.

Yeah, about three years.

I mean, I think that that product kind of became just like some of the other stuff, like C E Ferulic, right? It's going to be one of those things that's going to be around for 20 years, 30 years, because it works in a sort of novel way. Not only does it help speed the healing after laser treatments, but you can take it before and actually get the system revved up a little bit to have your laser treatment, and then afterwards it speeds the recovery. Right? So what it does in the Restorative Complex is that it helps to kind of heal and restore the damage that's occurring on a regular basis, just because of what we've already said, sun, smoking, sinful things, right?


We know what they are, I mean, just the bad stuff, being out in the sun without sunblock on, not sleeping well, not drinking. We call these the sins of skincare, okay?

Right. And of health in general, really.

So the Alastin product, I think is... Well, the whole line is really a good treatment and we have a couple of different products that we kind of like from the line now.

Oh yes, yes. At Smazy Academy, we can help you choose the best products because we give you a lot of information and really dive in deep about each individual product.

Yeah. I think that's the good part, a lot of times when you look at these products online, you kind of look at it, you click on it and it's a whole list of chemical products. Right?

What do I choose? Like, what is this?

So did you know that this product is used for this? No, but you're going to look there, on Smazy Academy, we'll have a library for you guys to kind of look at, as we go along and build it and go through all our skincare lines, we're going to actually have descriptions, so you know what is it exactly is this product doing, right? So that way you can figure out what's going to be the best use for you and which product is going to help you get what you want.

So what do people do, doc, when they have crepey skin that's really, really bad, like hanging off their arms? Of course, the skin care's-

You wear long sleeves, it's very simple. It's the cheapest solution, when you have something you don't like, just hide it. All right. If you don't want to hide it, okay, there's a lot of options.

There's a lot of options.

So one of the things to restore elastin that we do in plastic surgery is we use laser treatments, right? So what does a laser do? Well, if you do controlled damage to a tissue, it heals in a fairly controlled way. If you think about it in an analogy, sometimes we have forest fires and then the firefighters will go out and burn some of the forest to prevent it burning more, right? So they'll set up a fire line, they'll burn out some dry stuff, and that way, when the fire comes, it doesn't skip, it doesn't go to the next place.


Well, what we're doing with the laser and we do mostly fractionated lasers, we're kind of creating those little zones of damage intentionally so that we get healing, and yet we leave tissue surrounding it so that it just heals a very short distance.


So it's going, microns, and with that growth, just over a short distance, you actually get new elastic and collagen fibers being made. With chemicals, with pharmaceutical grade stuff, with some of the things that like Retin-A or Retinol-

Okay. Retinols are over-the-counter, so you don't need a prescription for that.

Retinols are over-the-counter great products, they're less irritated. That's going to help build collagen, it actually has been clinically shown that Retinols and Retin-A's and basically the vitamin A family, which Retinols are all coming from, helps to restore collagen. So we've got collagen restoration with retinols, we've got things like Alastin to help us restore elastic fibers, and so we've got nice combination products here.

Well, that's great, because let's say someone comes and they get the laser treatments.


No matter what, if they aren't using the proper skincare afterwards, it's not going to do any good, right?

Oh, absolutely. Right. Well, you got into-

It'll do a little good, but it won't continue.

Look, you got to this place for a reason, you were being bad, very, very bad. You weren't taking care of yourself, you were being naughty. You weren't putting on your sunblock, right?


You were smoking, you were using nicotine [inaudible 00:10:18].

Gaining weight and then losing rapidly, that does it a lot.

Yeah, unfortunately that happens at times, especially around the holidays. I'm guilty of that too. I mean, listen, it's good to hear that once in a while.

And you're wearing long sleeves.

Well, the best parts are up here, folks.

It is what it is.

Anyway, listen, if you want to restore your skin, there are a couple of different products that we can use, right? And so at this point-

It depends upon their issue and how extreme it is, and that's where we can help dive in deeper and make sure that you're making the right choices, because there's so much information on YouTube, sometimes it becomes overwhelming. You don't know who you should even listen to or who you should trust when there's too much information, and a lot of it is not the proper information.

Yeah. It can be bogus, it could be wrong. It could be just made up, imaginary.

Or it could be specifically geared towards the masses, instead of towards your individual-

The masses? Who are these masses? The rioting masses. The skincare masses, the people with pitchforks, demanding good skincare.

But we got to get rid of crepey skin. First off, the word's disgusting, we all know that it's something we don't want, as soon as you hear it.

You don't want to be creepy, either. Crepey or creepy, these are two things in life, kids, that you don't want to be, crepey or creepy. Okay? Very important.

Right. Very good. Yes. Right.

Nobody likes a creep. As a quick recap, Tonia.


So we talked about skincare products, specifically things to restore elasticity and-

To get rid of crepey skin.

... reduce crepeyness, Right?


And so what's your favorite pick? Top one, just right now.

Top one, I love the Alastin Restorative Neck Complex.


It is so good. The décolletage is so important, you should start using this in your twenties even to help prevent what can happen in your thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, and so on.

Full disclosure, it's one of the things that I use every single day.

So do I, I use it twice a day, morning, night, and it's making a big difference. I don't have any crepeyness, but of course, as you get older and you age, you start to get a little bit of lines, you have to make sure that you take... I probably don't have the crepeyness because I am using the proper products.

We see patients who come in, who've been using good products for a long time. And then they bring the sibling in, who has no interest in doing that, and the siblings usually there for like the restorative procedure, and the one who's using the skincare comes into the office and they're generally getting a maintenance procedure, something that's much less invasive, much less downtime, but a sibling comes in, "Oh, I didn't believe in this stuff. I didn't think that the skincare really mattered." And now they're here for a much more aggressive laser, a facelift, a brow lift, an eyelid surgery. So you can see a real difference, the people who take care of themselves... And then you ask them their age and you look at the... You're like, There's no way you're 47. No way"

See people say that to me all the time, I'm 48 and they go, "Oh, how much Botox do you get?" I said, "I've never got Botox in my life. I use the proper skincare products."

I was born this way, folks.

But really, I've never got it done. So not everyone needs that if you're using the right things. But even if you're getting Botox, which is fine, it's great, you still have to have proper skincare because its-

Absolutely. An, the thing is for guys, we like simple stuff.


So I've got a simple regimen that I use and we'll go through it down the road.

We'll do a whole video on the Docs skincare routine.

For the guys.

That'll be fun. For the bros.

For us, for the bros, brosephs out there, who want to take care of their skin. I mean, listen, nobody wants bad skin, I mean, there's no doubt. I don't care if you're a big dude and like...

They don't say, "Put your best face forward," for nothing. I mean, come on.

True. I mean, good, healthy skin is one of the most attractive things on anybody.

It is.

And so we're here to help you guys, we're going to get you through this whole process, tune in and subscribe, share this with your friends, check us out on the Apple iPod store.

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We deserve it. We do.

I think we do, okay? Come on guys. We're trying, we're doing a great job here, you're learning, it's educational and it's a little bit funny.

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That's great. That's a lot.

That's awesome.

We appreciate your feedback and we'll see you again soon.

Thank you.
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