Amazing Self Warming Pumpkin Enzyme Mask


Now we also want to talk about our little extras that we don't think about the bonuses, like a mask with smazy. We have our pumpkin self warming mask, which is just so yummy and helps plump the skin. It helps when you need exfoliation and it helps your skin not look doll, which doll? Skins. No.

Yeah. Pumpkin enzymes have great there. You know, it's not a pumpkin latte, right. And it's not just for the fall. It was not just for the fall. It's not just for holidays, but the pumpkin enzymes in the mask really helped to kind of break down some of those upper layers that are dull, dry irregular. And it's a, it's a, it's a sort of, you know, booster to your skin in a sense that it gets rid of those dead skin layers. And it's not something you're going to do every single day.

Couple times a week is plenty. Some people only do it once a week, you know, whatever, whenever you feel like your skin needs it. And whenever you feel like you have the time.

Yeah. Because when you're applying a mask, you're talking, you know, 15, 20 minutes ours, you know, you can keep it on 15 minutes, but you can do it. Maybe just a couple of minutes, if you feel like you just want to get some of the extra pumpkin enzyme. Right.

So the longer you let it dwell, the more it's going to penetrate, the more effect you're going to get. So if you're a sensitive skin type and you're going to use the pumpkin enzyme, you really want it to dwell for a short period of time. Less than five minutes. Yeah. And if you're a person like me, who likes to do it once a week, I like to get it done in like a big swing. Boom, hit it 15 minutes, 20 minutes. And then yeah, you'll feel it. You'll get a little tingle out of it. And it really does make the skin look bright. And I always, I always do it on a Sunday because then I go to work on Monday and everybody's like, do I go watch the video? What are you doing? I go, I don't have time for this. I'm here to do my work, follow the videos, download the podcast, listed it and give it all to you. Good.

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