Are Dewey Skin And Oily Skin The Same


It's so interesting. And it's funny because I had, I went to this event, I live here in Vegas and there was a celebrity event I was invited to and I did pictures on the red carpet. Right. And I thought they looked beautiful. They were on Getty images and everything. And I was a little bit shiny in the photo. You look a little sweaty in pictures. I mean, I mean, it was in Vegas in the summer outside.

I've seen some pictures, but I have this like fine glaze over my face and it's not bad, but it doesn't photograph well. And I mean, I kind of liked it. You know why? Because I would rather look, do we then look dry? Like some, we don't want to be flaky on camera. Right. You know, like people zoom in on things. It's crazy. Like there's these pictures. So high resolution people want zoom in and like send you a comment. Like you're looking a little dry in the corner. You like, this is what, this is what someone wrote to me. They wrote who's the chick with the greasy oily face. I was like, that's me. I'll raise my hand. And thank you so much because that means that I was well hydrated and moisturized outside in summer in Las Vegas.

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