Are You Choosing The Correct Facial Cleanser


here's four different cleansers from Smazy. So let's say you do that with the salicylic acid cleanser twice at night. That's too much. Yeah, no, you don't want to use the things that are gonna, you know, almost chemically exfoliate twice, right. Because there's no necessity for that. 

Um, you know, the, the exfoliating facial cleanser, um, it's, it's something that's going to help remove the excess dirt, the excess dead skin, things like that. Do you need to do it twice? Probably not. No it, no. It's. And if you do feel like you need to do the double cleanse, I would suggest getting the two cleansers. You can have a gentle cleanser and then the salycilic acid, if you're going to do two, my recommendation is do a gentle cleanser first. Yeah. Free up the dirt, free up the, you know, whatever's on your skin, you know, the makeup, the mascara. 

And then if you really are the type of person that needs of your oily prone person, you need your, um, a alpha hydroxy acid pads, or you need your, uh, papaya enzyme cleanser, and then you would layer. 

Yes. And then you're not putting that on your eyes as well, because the salicylic acid cleanser should just be used around the face, right? 

Acid base, you see, uh, salicylic acid or, um, you know, um, uh, benzoyl peroxide, those types of things, you really keep out of the eye area. 

Absolutely. So there's four different Smazy cleansers. I'm going to put them below and I'm going to base them upon your skin type and also what the ingredients are to help you choose the best for you. 

So nighttime cleansing very similar to the daytime, but maybe the added step of removing the makeup. 

Exactly. And the gentle cleanser removes it really nice. It gets almost all of my mascara off. Now, if you have a waterproof mascara, then you definitely need to be using some sort of makeup removal. Right. 

And that, and the other thing is if you're using your scrub at night, right, you want to cleanse your face first. Oh yeah. I think some people are under this impression that we're just scrubbed the makeup off, which is a bad idea because you could actually drive some of those compounds from the makeup deeper into the skin. Right. So remove all the external stuff that you've applied during the day. And then if your nighttime routine includes a scrub, whether you're showering or doing it at the sink and then do your scrub. Absolutely.

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