Are You Damaging Your Skin During The Summer?


If it is maturing skin, which, well, we have to be honest with ourselves. Any of us is at forties. It can happen at any age? No, I grew up going down the Jersey shore. Right. And you know, one of the things in the Northeast and I find this to be true in areas like, uh, the UK, uh, areas and in some ways the Pacific Northwest areas that have a lot of cloud cover and, uh, less sunny days in the winter time. 

And in the summertime you get these clearing days, right in the Northeast, you get a lot of dreary overcast days because of the Gulf stream, you know, the cloudy every other day, raining for five days in a row, and then summer comes along and it's like, you rush out to go lay in the sun 24, 7 24, 7. And as, as a kid, like we were on the beach all the time. It was just soak up as much sun as you can, like charge that battery for the rest of the year. Cause as soon as September comes around, again, it gets gray again. Right. And it's crazy. And then the temperature drops immediately and like there's no more water you're out again. And then daylight savings comes, and the days get shorter, really quick. It's dark at 4:30.

So the lucky thing about here in Vegas, we get like sunny days, like what 320 days out of the year. And so we don't go through that. So we're not like starved for the sun, but when we were young, we would go out and just kill ourselves in the sun and then he'd go back home. And I see some people. Yeah. I knew when I was
younger, who went through that cycle for years and years and years and their skin, when we stand next to each other, we look so different. 

They look like they look years older. I think you can mature your skin a lot faster when you do things that aren't healthy for you. Right?

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