Are Your Lifestyle Choices Aging You And Your Skin?


And I've noticed a lot of my friends, like when we were talking about high school, you see them and their lifestyle of drinking and the smoking can make a big difference. 

And that's another thing we lived in some big cities. I grew up in New York. I lived in Philly, Miami here, LA, thank you all to all of the big time. These are all party cities. And like people go out to all hours, drink all hours, you know, get no sleep, wake up, rinse and repeat like, you know, the pool parties here. I, I got to give credit to these people who come to Vegas and they go out to the club that night and then they go through like the, the pool party. Like they go take a disco nap for like an hour in between when one club closes the other one, I see them walking through the casino, like bright red, and then they still have a drink in their hand and they're ready to go and you see them carrying their shoes in their hand, like shuffling down the hall. How are they doing this? I give them a lot of credit. I don't know how they do that. I mean, that is a complement in itself.

And then Vegas people forget that people live here. We're not all tourists here.

The perspective if you live like that all the time, twenties. Okay. You do like the, uh, weekend warrior, like party mode. Yeah. You go to the industry night, Monday night. Cause you got to get in that too, because you're like, you like partying, right. Well, it's going to catch up to you. Okay. So, you know, you can be answering into that maturing scan category.

Oh yeah. Much earlier than you ought to it, depending upon your lifestyle choices.

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