Become A Skin Care Expert


You guys also are going to become sort of evangelists for us in terms of, you know, you learned a lot. So now you can bring it back home to mom, sisters, aunts, people in your family that don't feel like they have great skin. And now you show them that you have great skin. So you can learn a lot here about yourself, about other people's skin types, ways to make selection. You know, you, if you're buying gifts, right. And you know, like, all right, your sister's dry and you're oily. So what do you get? Somebody who has dry skin. So the, the, the site it'll get you through that and we'll teach you each one of these kind of general categories, and then we'll narrow it down.

It's a great point that you make when you're having conversations with other people, you're going to feel like a skincare expert, right. Because they'll be like, oh my gosh, I can't believe I had this breakout. And you'll probably be able to answer questions for them. So fast, you know, you become a trusted friend, right?

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