Benefits Of Peppermint Oil #skincare


So here's another ingredient that is so important that we have in a few of our products in the Smazy Skincare line. And that's peppermint oil. Now you might've heard, I'm sure you've heard of peppermint. You think of a candy cane, right? That's the first thing you think of, but have you thought of peppermint oil in your skincare? Well, it could be in some of your skincare or it might not because you might not be looking at all of the ingredients. The ingredients are so important that are in your skincare. So you know, what is in it and why you are using it. 

So I'm going to tell you why peppermint oil is in some of the Smazy skincare products. Number one, it naturally cleanses the skin. So that's why we have peppermint oil because we like to use all with everything in the Smazy skincare line is naturally derived. So if it's a natural way to cleanse the skin, that was something really important to us. So that's one of the things it does. And it also has antiseptic properties, which is great. So that helps you with bacteria and not getting any sort of infections or anything like that. Just like I said, it is antibacterial as well. They both kind of go together. It has a cooling effect, which is nice. So it's sometimes is in some of our toners it's in some of our cleansers, cause it gives you that nice, fresh cooling effect, which is really nice, especially in the summertime, it soothes irritation. 

So if you have any pimples that are open or anything like that, it helps sooth those and it minimizes acne inflammation. So we've talked about this and so many different of our products and our ingredients and it helping inflammation as well. 

So if you have any further questions about it, please comment below. I would love to answer them for you. And also we're going to have links to any of the products you'd like to purchase there down below as well to make it easy for you.

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