Benefits Of Using Retinol And Vitamin A


Right. And then the other thing is, is that our vitamin a compounds are retinols and retin-a, they stimulate neocollagenesis, which means the new production of collagen in the skin. People who use compounds made of retinae for over 10 years, revisability, remarkably look younger than people who don't. And I've had, I actually had a pair, a set of twins that came in and I remember this, one of them was religious about their retinae and the other one had never used it. And I tell you, they were both in their fifties. And one of them looked like they were in their early forties, maybe late thirties. And the other one looked like she was probably pushing 60. And in terms of the dryness and the lack of tone, I can't emphasize enough that the retinae is a protective compound, like many of the other products that we have, and it's actually been shown to decrease the risk of skin cancer. So it's an overall superstar in the army.

Oh, it is. So if you don't have hyper-pigmentation and you don't want to use one of the products, you know, for dark spots and whatnot, you can still use the retinol on its own.

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