Best Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial Cleanser


Smazy skincare cleanser, alpha hydroxy acid cleanser with salycilic acid and niacinamide is a medical grade skin care product. 

Our Smazy cleansers are botanically infused, utilizes the power of hydroxy acids as well as other skin restoring components that penetrate deep within the pores dramatically decreasing sebum production. 

Our sulfate and paraben-free cleanser immediately fights acne causing bacteria preventing the formation of new blemishes.

It has 2% salycilic acid that penetrates deep into the decreasing sebum production and fights acne causing bacteria at its source provides exfoliation of dead skin cells.

It keeps the pores clear of cellular debris and reduces the number of breakouts. It contains 15 nourishing botanical extracts added essential oils to moisturize and improve complexion resulting in glowing healthy skin. 

Leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft, and this product works best on all skin types, acne combo, and oily, and sometimes sensitive.

Of course, all Smazy skincare products are paraben and sulfate-free gluten-free made in the USA. Cruelty-free naturally derived and of course, fragrance free.

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