Best Facial Scrub To Exfoliate Your Skin!


Then we also have our Smazy, scrub it, microderm, scrub.

It has great texture. This is like fine, fine. Sort of, uh, it's like a fine grit. Yeah. It's amazing. It's just, yeah, it has a little micro beads in it. It is so nice. And this is something that you don't have to use every day, but you can use a few times a week just when you feel like you need to exfoliate your skin.

Yeah. I, you know, it's, it's nice. Uh, when you feel dry and you gotta get that layer off and you want to do it in a mechanical way, right? So some people really like the enzymatic sort of exfoliation, you know, your glycolic your, your pumpkin enzymes, but some people can't tolerate it because they have sensitive skin. So the mechanical exfoliation taking these tiny little pumice, uh, microspheres, which basically become like sandpaper and a cream. Right. And, and that helps again, to get rid of the dry skin, open up those keratin plugs, let the oil out, clean up the skin. Nice sort of Polish. It's like buffing.

Yeah. I love it. It's really good. I only use it because I have sensitive skin on my chin, but I use it on my forehead, nose and cheeks.

Yeah. You can use it, you know, again, you don't want to use it in your eye. Right. That's just common sense. You wouldn't put sand in your eyes, but, um, it could basically be used everywhere.

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