Best Hand And Body Cream With Lactic Acid


So then we also have our hand and body cream, and we talked about this in our daytime skincare routine. I like to use our regenerated hand cream at night because then throughout the day, when I'm washing my hands too much, I use just a whatever moisturizer that I put on after I wash. But then at night when I'm putting this on, it has a 12% lactic acid. And then I feel like it's really doing its job.

Right. And you can put this on dry areas, like the elbows and other dry spots, Right? And so it's, it's an overall, you know, kind of restorative moisturizer and again, nighttime little bit heavier type of cream. Good for, you know, the end of the day.

That's great. So I'm going to put a link to all these extras below, and these are things that you definitely want to add into your regimen if you want to get the best skin.

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