Body & Hand Cream That Works To Fix Dry Skin #skincare


The other part is hand cream. Well, hand cream is so important. People are forgetting that. Cause how many times, how many times you wash your hands a day?
Oh my Gosh. I should count it because I think I washed my hands going in every room, out of every room. If I make contact with a patient, I wash it right there. So, and then what about the hand sanitizer on top of it? Uh, well, that's, that's like, again, it's going in going out, you know, and then I scrubbed for surgery, which is another thing. And that sometimes can be a little bit harsh on the skin, drying it out. You're irritating it. Uh, most of the hand sanitizers are alcohol based. And so that's a very drying type of substance. 

And if it doesn't have the right moisturizer in it, you're not gonna, you know, it's, it's going to really dry out. So that's why you've got to be cognizant of it. Be aware of these types of things and take care of your hands because commonly we'll see patients who they've had everything done face looks good, body looks good. And in their fifties and sixties, the hands look like the grim Reaper. It's just, there's something going on that people don't pay attention to that. I have been washing my hands so much that there's times I'm looking at my hands and I'm like, these don't look like my normal hand. The skin gets loose. It becomes, uh, aged looking and, you know, women, you know, it's, it's, uh, you know, when you have a nice ring on, I mean, men too, but like, you don't want to put, you know, nice jewelry on the bad backgrounds, like parking a good car in a bad neighborhood. Right. And so, you know, with the hands, it starts at a young age to preserve and protect. Obviously your sunblocks going to go on there. If you're wearing long sleeves and you're outdoors, the hands often get neglected and then to protect and revitalize, you want to moisturize your hands.

Yeah. So we have our Smazy regenerate at hand and body cream. You can actually use this. If you have some of those little dry, you know, rough spots in your arms or different things like that. And it has 12% lactic acid. So it's something you would use once a day and then just use a regular moisturizer on top of that throughout the day. Yeah. This is an area of the body where again, the skin is very thin, very susceptible to damage and needs extra attention. Yeah. So I love this. This is a great product, so don't neglect and forget your hands. Awesome.

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