Cruelty Free Skincare Products!


So another thing that was really important to us about Smazy skincare is it's cruelty free with the bunny ears. This is really important. I mean, I think that for decades, we were unaware of what was taking place in laboratories around the country. 

And yes, as a scientist, I understand that there are some roles in which animal testing for medical products and, um, you know, medications that we create, vaccines, things like that. I mean, it's part of the cornerstone at this current time to use animal models for testing in important areas like vaccine development and medication development. 

But we believe in skincare products that cruelty free is really what should be the standard for skincare products. I mean, when we're doing things for improvement in our looks, we shouldn't be sacrificing animals.

No, there's no reason that that needs to be happening in the future. You know, we'll have, and I predict is that our computers will become complicated and processing enough to have an environment which we simulate, you know, all the things that a product can do in the human body and that's the goal. But in the meantime, we are not going to test our products on animals and we believe very strongly in a cruelty-free, uh, mentality.

Yes. And that's exactly what we did with Smazy skincare. So you don't have to worry about any of those little bunnies or anybody getting hurt or tested
on any animals. And it's, it's a standard set by the coalition for consumer information on cosmetics CCIC and cruelty-free international certified in both accounts. Yeah.

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