Dark Spots ON The Face & Melasma after Pregnancy?


So I'll give you my personal experience I've had with my own melasma, which has not been fun at all. After I had my son, I, of course, I lived in Florida and I love the sun. I love the beach. I'm a sun worshiper, but I always use my sunscreen.

I was born in California and I live in Vegas. So everywhere I've lived, it's the trifecta of sunshine. Right. So I had my son, of course your home hormone levels change.

And this is, this is the basis of melasma. Right.

And melasma, you know, for those of you looking at watching us on YouTube, you know, it it's called the mask of pregnancy, sometimes the Pregnancy mask.

Yeah. And so where, where it lies is, is pigmentation that forms along the cheek and sometimes around the side of the eyes. And sometimes we see it in the T-zone up here in the forehead and it's really stubborn. Really very,

Yeah. So I got it a little bit on the cheeks, but it was almost like I had a mustache. It was, it was awful. It went like all the way around here. I was even using the sunscreen. So it had nothing to do with not using the sunscreen. And I also, when I would go in the heat itself, I felt like it would flare up,

Well, it's a, stress-related sort of change to the skin. And so stress is, is kind of what happens with pregnancy. What happens after that baby comes, right? There's a lot of stress there. Obviously there's a hormonal reaction that sensitizes the melanocytes. These pigment cells in the skin and that occurs in pregnancy. And that's why men don't suffer from melasma generally often I haven't seen much of it. Right. Yeah. I mean, it can happen, but it's extraordinarily rare.

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