Do Toners Help Prevent Acne?


Oily acne prone skin is another, you know, kind of subset here that we need to talk about. And those skin types need protection from the acne. We need to kind of correct that acne. We, we need to look at toners. We need to look at, um, you know, balancing agents for the skin, right? So what are some of the things?

Well, toners to me that we'll get into that a little more in detail. I love toners. I love toners. I did it as a reaction video to another YouTuber who said that no one needs a toner, which had that struck me very hard.

Yeah. Because I get a lot of backlash about toners from this kind of like world right now. And it's like, anything that's really good. It must be something wrong with it. And so we're like, there's people that are anti toner and I don't quite understand all the reasons that they have.

We'll definitely talk much more in depth. But I think a toner, there's no reason anyone should not use a toner. There's you get your skin back to the natural pH balance? Uh, yeah. There's witch Hazel, which helps with anti-inflammatory. There's a lot of things and I'll talk about my favorite ones, but that helps so much. And especially if you have acne prone skin, for sure.

It's uh, like the foundation of your skincare daily regimen. Absolutely. Right.

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