Do You Have Dry Skin or Eczema?


Dry skin. The thing that we kind of really have to deal with here in Las Vegas is dry skin. Oh yeah. Yeah. Okay. And so talking about dry skin as our second big category, um, skin is huge here in Las Vegas. It's huge lots of places, but Las Vegas, especially.

Well, it's environmental, it makes it worse. I mean, you can have dry skin and live anywhere. Right. And there's conditions that can lead to dry skin like eczema. Yes.

I have eczema. I get it on my face. Yeah. And it's, it's pretty common. And sometimes it's, it's, it's problematic with kids, you know, especially when they're young eczema is, is a big issue.

That's what I use for my eczema. I actually use a baby product. Right.

Yeah. It's very gentle. And it doesn't mean that when you're an adult, you can't be gentle with your skin, but dry skin, you know, if you have it, it doesn't really take a whole lot of figuring out to know the address skin.

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