Do You Have Mature Skin


Some people are debating, whether it's a skin condition or a skin type, and it's called mature skin
Not a you, right. I am not mature skin. I look through a different glass and I see something different.

Now. We are mature. We have mature skin. We're getting older, but that's okay. But it's great. It means I'm alive. I actually embrace getting older. I'm not trying to look 20. I don't want to, I just want to look nice and healthy for my age.

Yeah. We all have this fear of this label. Right. And so this is why it's a controversial category because, um, you know, when you label people as mature, it has a certain kind of like...

Are we talking about our personality?

Like we're getting old, you know, it's like one direction it's going in one direction. And just the, you know, it's, it's scary to think that you're mature. I mean, we are mature in different ways, in different aspects. When you say some part of your body is mature, it's not exactly the compliment you want. Right.

Yeah. If someone comes up and says, you have very mature skin like that, I'm like, what does that mean? Or if they tell you you're very mature, your personality, different sources.

So what we're talking about here, right, is when we talk about mature skin it's skin that is starting to show the signs of aging. Okay. Yeah. And we don't want to call it old skin because it can happen at any time. Right. Uh, skin maturity occurs from a number of different factors. Right. And again, we gotta go back to some of our big ones, genetics, right? Number one, isn't it? Yeah. No, it's huge.

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