Do You Need A Moisturizer #skincare


So the sixth step and our Smazy skincare routine is moisturizer, Doc. And this is one of the most important ones too.

Yeah. I mean, I think that you have to use a moisturizer no matter where you are, unless you're living in like a rain forest where it's just constantly a hundred percent humidity and moist, and then the environment gives it to you. But if you're anywhere else, whether you're in a dry, hot climate, you know, in, in the Northeast where he gets some precipitation, but it's windy or the mountainous areas moisturization is a defense again against the harsh realities of life. And there's a misconception where people think if you're oily, that you don't need a moisturizer.

That's true. And, and, and what it is is that you don't want to use an oil based moisturizer with oily skin. Right. But there are things with peptides that help to moisturize that have a great way of creating a moisture barrier and improve the overall, um, you know, hydration of the skin and keep out some of the things that we don't want to come in. Yeah.