Do Your Skincare Products Stink Or Smell Bad?


I'm a very big smell person when it comes to skincare products. No, I'm serious. Like, you know, I use the product the other day. It smells like a urinal puck. I mean yeah. And I'm thinking, yes, there's some great benefits that is, but I kept thinking I was in a gas station bathroom.

Well, cause it brings that smell, you know, brings you back to something positive.

Yeah. Olfactory memory, which is smell memory is one of the deepest rooted memories in the human mind. Right. So you can have somebody smell something and you know, you smell something that good example, you smell perfume. They have a smell than years and all of a sudden fireworks come back. You may remember that person.

Yeah. And I, it's such a startling, uh, recollection that you have. So same thing with, you know, smells on these products. Like when I think of that product, I think of a urinal puck it's really bad. Yeah. But we like to have regulatory products.

I like to have fragrance-free. So if you, we do text to order for the SkinCeuticals. If you're interested in that, I'll give you a link below, which makes it so easy to be able to purchase. Or you can go ahead and check out our Smazy CE Ferulic as well, but I'm glad she's using it.

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