Doctor Shares His Personal Skin Care Tips


Luckily, I mean, I've avoided a lot of the problems with skin throughout my life. Just having a good history of skincare and understanding, you know, what's right for my skin. 

So combination skin, um, I'm still not there yet. Like I'm still, I lean more oily, not acne non-acne prone and my skin is pretty insane. Like I can deal with pretty harsh stuff. I could take some full retin-a with no problems. Yeah. I can get it down to every other day or every day. And I, I use a vitamin a product. Um, I don't use it, uh, every day now I use it probably every other day and then I use some restorative stuff and, uh, I've kept myself in that normal zone with a little bit of oiliness for the last few years.

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