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Fragrance Free Skincare by Smazy

Fragrance is the problem child ingredient of traditional beauty products. These molecules of scent can wreak havoc on your skin by causing contact dermatitis, a seriously red and itchy rash, or other allergic reactions like a headache or asthma.

Smazy skincare's manufacturing facility is located in the USA to ensure the highest quality and optimal efficacy. Giving you, for the best results imaginable.

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Transcript below:

Okay Doc. So another thing that was super important when we created Smazy Skincare was to make sure it was fragrance free.

Well, I think that was one of my main requirements because here's the thing. I used to wear cologne to the office, because I would get cologne all the time as a gift. And some people don't like certain fragrances and that's just human nature. Our noses are really sensitive. And for a product line, a skincare product line, we want it to be agnostic of a fragrance, meaning it has no fragrance signature or anything like that, so that both men and women can use it. There are some skincare products, you put it on, and overly floral.

Yes. Way too extreme.

And so, it's a little bit hard for me to put that on and go to work. I smell a little bit too floral and that's really not my type of profile.

It changes too, I think, some people with age. Something you could tolerate maybe in your twenties and your forties, you can't.

Well, I remember some old products that even my grandmother would use that if I get a whiff of it, it brings me back to like... And so, fragrances can trigger people in certain emotional states, but they also irritate and they can cause a feeling of these products not being exactly what the person wants. So fragrance-free allows you the versatility to, if you want to wear a fragrance, that our products won't interfere with that and won't have some underlying fragrance tone that sets you off or irritates your senses.

Because I have a lot of clients that will say to me, I've been using this product line for years and suddenly I don't want this smell on my face or it's bothering my eyes or my nose, so-

And they can be irritants, too.

Yeah. They can be.

They can, themselves, cause irritation to the skin because the fragrance is not a benign product. It's a volatile chemical. And that's the way it gets off the skin and into the air. And that volatility in those chemicals can cause irritation to the skin.

And if it's bothering you, it's literally, we're putting it right on our nose, right underneath our eyes, and that can cause other irritations that you think it's the ingredients, but it's actually just the fragrance.

Well, it's an ingredient, but it's the fragrance.

Ingredient in the fragrance. Yes.

That's the problem. Yeah. So fragrance-free products from can be found on And join us on Smazy Academy, see us on our podcast on... Well, it's not see us. Listen to us on our podcast, on Apple iTunes. See us on YouTube. Like, subscribe, share, and comment. We'll see you soon.