Getting A Fraxel? Best Skincare Products Pre And Post Laser Treatment


Oh, that's great. So this way we can help them choose the right skincare products for pre and post. It's going to get really,

For me, it's going to get a really, um, kind of broken down into a lot of different topics in that pre and post because being a surgeon and a provider, you know, we do, you know, we have like 20 different lasers in the office here. And so we treat so many different types of skin issues and we have so many different modalities of treating it. 

So if you're planning on doing a Fraxel, we're going to be able to show you, you know, what's the great Fraxel before and after. If you can do a, a fractionated erbium treatment, what's a good BREEAM post for that, uh, CO2, a fractional, CO2, an RF. All those things are going to be broken down under that pre and post-treatment section. Where are you going to learn about what's optimizing for this type of treatment?

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