Gluten Free Skincare by Smazy


Gluten Free Skincare by Smazy

Millions of people do not know that they may have a gluten allergy or gluten intolerance. 


Gluten intolerance can also affect your skin. A blistering skin condition called dermatitis herpetiformis is the skin manifestation of celiac disease. 


Everyone who has the disease is sensitive to gluten. Some people experience digestive symptoms that indicate celiac disease. 


Some people believe that eating gluten can inflame the skin and, therefore, cutting it out will help relieve red, inflamed skin or other skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema.

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Transcript below:

Okay, Doc, another thing we made sure that was not in our Smazy skincare is glutens. They're completely gluten-free.

So gluten's come from wheat based products, correct? I mean, grain based products?

It's tricky and this is what is hard for people to differentiate sometimes, because I have a gluten allergy, so I know a heck of a lot about gluten, unfortunately. But nevertheless wheat is not gluten. They're two totally different things.


Gluten is an additive that they put in wheat, which helps make it more pliable, which is why breads, pastas, donuts, all of that had that extra [crosstalk 00:00:36].

Chewiness. They're a little kind of texture, they're really like.

Yes. There are products that do have wheat in them, but they are gluten-free products.


That's the difference. And the reason it was so important to me, number one was of course I have a gluten allergy, so to not have to decide if I can use my own products or not was very important. But number two, there's millions of people in the world that do not know they have a gluten allergy.

Yeah. That's for sure. Even one of my staffers [inaudible 00:01:04]. She was having some acne and we sent her for some allergy testing and it turns out she had a gluten allergy.


And she had to eliminate a lot of the products that she thought were part of her lifestyle, and her skin cleared up quite quickly. Gluten is a sensitizing agent. Our bodies really weren't evolved to tolerate this stuff.

Well, it's something fairly new when they started adding gluten. I think it's inexpensive, but then it also does pliability but ...

Well, I mean we knew about lactose intolerance for decades, and there's nothing embarrassing about having a lactose intolerance except when you have it ...

Except for when you have it.

But when you have lactose-

And where you're at.

But there's lactic acid free, lactose-free milk products that people can tolerate and there's the supplements.

Almond milk. There's so much now.

Yeah. We've come to accept that. And gluten is one of those things just like lack lactose that some bodies are not designed to handle well. And so that can create inflammatory processes within the body. And we know that inflammation leads to worse skin quality, more acne so we really ... and it's, I have to say it was because I think you made such a very valid point about gluten being such a ubiquitous product in skincare products that we really had to go gluten-free with this.

Well, because it's so hard for me and I'm sure for so many of you out there trying to figure out which skincare products and makeup products have gluten, because they don't tell you. You have to almost try to look up every single ingredient and even then you don't even know if there's gluten in it.

Correct. These ingredient lists are mind numbing sometimes.

They're just huge.

The names of these things are very hard to pronounce because they're products that are either organic chemicals that have really conjoined names. And so for the average consumer, they're not going to be able to pick out what's going to work and what's not. But what we started out with is as a cornerstone, certain things that we don't have in our product, gluten, parabens, sulfates.

Sulfates. Yeah. And what's great too, is if you do have a gluten allergy and you don't know it, then you aren't going to even have any sort of issues in the future that were gluten based.

Yeah. Excellent idea to create a gluten-free skincare product line.

Thank you.