Hard Water and It's Effects #lasvegas


Uh, you know what the coolest way to see water scale and to see, um, you know, how, uh, hard our water is here, go down to lake Mead. This is where the Hoover dam is. And it's really cool because the rocks around it are this brownish red color, some granites and different things, but where the water was at its high point has left like a white ring around the lake. Yeah. And so the water level has dropped due to increased agricultural use downstream in California and the level of lake needs drop and around the whole perimeter of the lake, you see this really kooky, like line where it's brown on top. And then it's a white line of calcium scale from the hard water of the Colorado river all the way around the lake. And it's, it's a very telling sign of what's actually in our water here.

So when I was looking at the, uh, the, you know, the faucets and everything, when I moved here, including my dishwasher, like everything seemed like I said, like it was kind of like corroding a little bit. And I was thinking, I'm putting this water on my skin. That's when I really felt the dryness. It was when I first moved here, because we didn't buy a house or anything yet. We didn't know where we wanted to live in Las Vegas. So we thought let's just really go for it. And we lived right off the strip in a tower.

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