How Benzoyl Peroxide Works To Treat Acne


Now we got on this by talking about benzoyl peroxide because benzoyl peroxide particles come in different sizes. So if the particle isn't small enough, it doesn't get all the way down into the poor. So think of it like trying to get a bowling ball through pin, through a vase versus getting, getting, you know, getting a pea-sized thing getting through the vase and it'll get to the bottom. And the more of that product you can get through that pour into the pit of that pour the more effective, so much sense. 

So strength of benzoyl peroxide is one factor, but also partical size. And there are products out there that have smaller particle size than what you're going to be able to find for the medical grade skincare, kind of for sure those are the medical grade products. 

So I'm going to give all of you a list that you can click on the button down below so that you can see the best products that are for oily and acne prone skin. And then also on There's going to be a category for all different types of skin conditions and the best products and our best pitch.

Yeah. We're here to entertain, but we're also here to educate. We're not a substitute for medical advice, but we're going to help you navigate the product world and try to find stuff that's over the counter that's available that you can use so that you don't have to do, you know, these crazy treatments, like take an oral medication every day. And you know, just when there's so many different hygiene things, I think that we're going to help with as well. For example, some people will, we're talking about pimples, so they pop a pimple and then they go on about their day or they put their makeup on after. No, no, no, no. We rewash our face. We retone. Otherwise you're just spreading the bacteria.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you know, hygiene so important, we'll get into that as well. But if you have an oily, um, skin issue, I mean, w you know, the good thing is, is that this is probably one of the categories of skin care products, where there's a lot of stuff. Yeah. I mean, there's a lot of stuff in everything, but this one has a variety of different options. So it'll be cool. We'll get you guys some good information and we'll help you figure out how to treat your oily.

So if you have any questions, you can text our team direct. I'm going to put the phone number below for our customer service hours, and we'll be happy to help you pick the best products.

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