How To Use Retinol When You Have Sensitive Skin


Right. You know, they're the, you know, retinols, they're the, you know, vitamin a compounds. Those are the things that are going to be skin protective, skin restorative, but for sensitive skin, we really have to kind of work our way up to that.

Absolutely. A basic, uh, vitamin a vitamin C.

Yeah. And so they'll, there are different formulations of retinols and vitamin a compounds out there, and some are more sensitizing than others. And it depends on the manufacturer.

You can start with the, oh 0.25%. You don't go right up to the 1% of the retinol. You have to start everything out basic if you are sensitive.

Yeah. And that's the thing, uh, incremental. What we call in the medical world is called titration, titration, titration yeah. It's a word that comes from the world of chemistry. It's like when you're, you know, mixing stuff together, you keep adding a couple more drops until you reach the sweet spot. So when we're talking about skincare products, we want to titrate up when you're a sensitive skin type person and start moving you towards more and more therapeutic things. And see if we go up a level, can you tolerate it as the academy titration? Yeah. Yeah. That's true. Yeah. For sensitive skin, we're going to titrate you from the most, you know, Mo you know, softest, easiest stuff to deal with on your skin and start getting you into therapeutic. Step-by-step.

Perfect. So if you have any questions too, down below, there's our text message. You can text me, uh, during our customer service hours and I can help you choose the products, or you can choose a link. That'll give you all of the sense of the products in one category that you can look through as well. We'll make it easy for you.

Yeah. That's the whole thing. We want to make it as easy and fun for you as, Yeah. This is always fun. I love this. Well, thank you guys. We'll see you for the next second. Yes.

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