Is Your Environment Giving You Dry Skin?


And the reason why we have so much experience with dry skin in Las Vegas is because the environment exacerbates it. And what what's going on here is that your body naturally produces oil called sebum, and I'll see them kind of comes out of the glands. It comes out of the pores and it is a protective function and oily skin, you know, um, is so well protected in the sun, but dry skin is not. 

And so we have additional protection needs for dry skin, and then we have restorative needs as well. So some of the stuff from our normal category, normal skin category, you'll also find in our dry skin category, because that's going to give you the kind of protective value that all skin types need, but sometimes there'll be products that are a little stronger and protection.

Smazy Skincare Products for dry skin:

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