Plastic Surgeon Talks Combo Skin Type


So our next skin type is combination skin, which means you're a little dry, you're a little oily, right?

Yeah. You get, you get sometimes the best of both worlds, but oftentimes if you're here, it's because you've got the worst of both of these different types. I mean, combination scan is really, um, you know, understanding the regions of your face, the regions of your skin and the different problems you have with different things. I mean, combination is basically you gotta become a master in all the Kung Fu styles of skincare, you know, it's like you have to become a skincare master to really get combination skin down. Right. And it's yeah. And this is where, you know, um, you really have to kind of leap across different categories, try different things in different zones and be mindful that the skin has zones. And we see this more as we mature, you know? Absolutely. The skin goes from, you know, one type. It seems when we're younger, oily or dry and into, you know. Yeah. I, I think what we see is that most people start out somewhat normal and then become oily and regions and dry and others. 

Right. And then sensitive and sensitive that that's exactly what I am. Yeah. I'm dry, oily and sensitive. Cause I have a little bit of eczema unfortunately happens on my face. The only part of my body. Right.

Well, I mean, that's, that's life anyway. We all have, we all have issues. I mean, let's face it. Like nobody's skin is perfect.

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