Prevent Wrinkles Under the Eyes #skincaretips


So step number four and our Smazy daytime skincare routine is eye cream, right? Eye cream is very important because the eye, I mean, if you look around the eye and you get down to the microscopic level, some areas of the skin of the eye are only seven, eight cell layers thick. Wow. It's, it's one of the most delicate areas of our body. It's most prone to loss of elasticity and collagen because it does a lot of function, you know, think about every time you smile, every time you squint, every time you blink every time.

Right? So if you're, if you're a person that tends to smile a lot, or even, you know, I see this a lot with guys who work outdoors, you know, they, they wear sunglasses, but the sides of their eyes are exposed. Uh, people who ride a motorcycle, they get a little wind beaten, but the eyes are really sensitive. So it requires a certain different type of topical that helps preserve the elasticity, preserve the college and makeup of it. And in some cases, patients will have dark circles under the eyes. So this will help this as well.

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