Remove Hyper-Pigmentation and Dark Spots with Kojic Acid


So then we also have our faded HQ free serum with kojic acid. So if you have any hyperpigmentation or dark spots, this is another serum you can use as well in combination with a vitamin C serum, right? Because the kojic acid and the vitamin C work together to decrease hyper pigmentation. 

Yeah. You just want to be careful and not put it around your eyes around the nasal fold corners of your mouth sensitive areas of your face, where the mucus membranes are. We don't want to put kojic acid, obviously because Yes. And that's exactly. 

So out of all these different serums that we have, depending upon your skin type and what your skin issues are, you can actually use all of them. You just use them at different times of the day and down below, I'll give you so much more information to help you choose which one based upon whatever your skin issue is or your skin type, right? Defense is important for everything including your skin.

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