Safe Tinted Mineral Sunscreen #spfskincare


Yeah, and we have it in our Guard It tinted mineral sunscreen, which is great. This is so nice. It's tinted. You can throw it on in a day if you don't have any makeup on, or if you're at the beach or the pool or whatever, and it just gives, it gives you a camouflage effect and it's, it's an amazing Product. Yeah. And, and it doesn't, you know, it doesn't absorb into the skin and cause all sorts of issues with hypersensitivities and things like that. Absolutely. And then we also have a new product that we're bringing in. It's going to be in the spring and summer and it's just zinc. It's all mineral based as well. And it's for the face.

Right? And this, this goes on real neat. It, you're not going to look like the lifeguard with a big white nose there because you have those two, the zinc and the titanium oxide. What makes it tricky with some of these now the tinted one? There's absolutely no white residue whatsoever. On some of the other ones. It's a little teeny bit because when you have the zinc, well that's the reflective barrier, but it's, it's, it goes on evenly. It's not a chalky look and you're going to have a little bit of almost like a silvery sort of sheen on it, and that's, what's doing the job that shows you that it's this product. 

Well, it shows you that you have titanium and zinc. So when you have other products that don't have any of that, right? You won't see that kind of sheen on it.

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