Should You See A Doctor When You Have Sensitive Skin?


Um, and why is that from a medical standpoint? It's, you know, there are some patients that have much more, um, you know, histamine response and the skin, the cellular makeup's a little bit different. The triggers in the cellular cascade are a little bit more sensitive. And so anything your skin touches it reacts to. So in those patients, um, we really want, you know, things that may match. And again, this is again, very important that if you do have a medical condition and it really sensitive skin, you need to seek the care of a healthcare professional,

Right. To see exactly what it is. Because some people could have sensitive skin, but they're using the wrong skincare product. They're using something that has additives that should not be in there. That's causing them to have a rash, right. There's so many different reasons that their skin could be sensitive.

Right. And so, you know, you really need to get checked out if you're really having chronic issues or severe issues. That's, that's maybe auto immune related. Um, you know, there may be real allergies that you need to treat or avoid in the, our environment, you know.

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Can Something You Are Eating Give You Sensitive Skin? 

And people, you know, the body is such a complex organ that, you know, your diet maybe actually sensitizing your skin. Absolutely. And so there's a whole new kind of area of medicine looking at the microbiomes in our body.