Should You Use a Toner In Your Daytime Skincare Routine?


So step two of our daytime cleansing routine is a toner. Doc and, you know, we heard so many opinions. It's a very controversial topic.

To Use or to not use a toner. That's the question.

Some people that say absolutely never. And then there's a large body of people that use them frequently and they they've come a long way. Right?  

Absolutely. I mean, I think people are getting their misconception from back in the day, thinking you don't need a toner because it used to be like heavy alcohol based and things like that. It's not like that. Very harsh, very drying to the skin irritating, but yeah, toners have come a long way in a sense that we, we recognize the need to balance out the pH of the skin.

That's so important.

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