Okay doc, so what was one of the number one main things we said when we created Smazy Skincare?

Is that it's going to be made in the USA. Okay. I feel very strongly about this.

So do I.

I think the strength of our country comes from developing and manufacturing within its borders and that we've come to rely on a whole host of other facilities around the world that may make things below the standard of what we're accustomed to. And I think it's important to keep jobs in the United States. 

That's right. That's where our manufacturing facility is at and those are such strong, valid points about making sure that we're keeping everything in the USA, keeping the jobs here, but also so that everything is compliant within our country.


That it should be.

And it's a state-of-the-art facility.


It's a FDA approved CGMP compliant facility. So, we've checked off all the boxes. We made sure that we're not ... We want quality in everything that we do and we know that the quality comes from making things here.

Here, because if they're made in other countries like we've talked about before, then we don't even know if what they're saying is in the product and the ingredient, if it's actually there or not.

Yeah. We've seen examples of this where products were made overseas by unscrupulous manufacturers. And they say there's certain things in it and we tested it and you know what?

It's not even-

It's not even in there.

It's not even there or there's other things. It's like, what is that? There's sometimes chemicals that aren't found, they don't even know what they are.

There's byproducts in these products. When we test them and look at their ingredients that we find that have no place in skincare products, but they're just easy for some of these manufacturers who are less than honest overseas to put into their products and send them over. And there are a lot of physician dispense skincare lines. There's a lot of physicians with their own skincare lines out there. A lot of them are just basically the same stuff repackaged without care or concern about where it's made, who's making it and what's in it. And we absolutely don't want that to be part of our product line.

No. It was so important to us to make sure-

We want to have Made in the USA on our products because that's how we know that the quality is high, we're keeping jobs in America and we're taking care of our own economy.

And we make sure that you're getting the best products that you can actually get. And you don't have to worry about where it's coming from, where it's made or what the ingredients are.

Certified in the USA.


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