Smazy Skin Care is Sulfate Free and SLS Free


Smazy Skin Care is Sulfate Free and SLS Free
For people with sensitive skin, sulfates may also clog pores and cause acne. Many products have a lower concentration of SLS or SLES in their formulation. But the longer the products stay in contact with your skin or eyes, the higher the risk of irritation.

So the other harmful ingredient that we made sure was not in our Smazy Skincare is sulfates.

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Transcript below:

Yeah, sulfates are a problematic group of compounds and there's SLS, sodium lauryl sulfate, and then there's SLES sodium laurel ethyl sulfate. And these are foaming agents that are put in a lot of cleansers.

Toothpaste too.

Yeah, they're an amniotic detergent and what they do is they can be very irritating to the skin. They're really inexpensive so they work really well and everybody loves these foaming cleansers because ...

They're super foamy.

They're foamy, you feel like ... Because we're taught as kids, I teach my kids when you're washing your hands, you got to get a good lather worked up.


So we have this conditioning to believe that a good foamy sort of cleanser works really well. The problem is the product that causes that foaming, the sulfate, the SLS, or the SLES, can be harmful to your skin and we believe that having a low or zero concentration of sulfates is more beneficial to the skin, so that's why the smazzy products are sulfate-free.

Yes, and we wanted ... That was one of the things that was so important to us because why add an ingredient that could be irritating but that's already in so many different products that we don't need.

Yeah, and sulfur smells like rotten eggs, you know?

Oh, it does.

Yeah, so you can understand there's a harshness to that chemical, to that compound itself, that there's not a lot of times when we want to rub sulfates on ourselves.

No, absolutely not.

It kind of runs counter to healthy skin and healthy lifestyle.