Step 1 in Your Day Time Or Night Time Skincare Routine


So step one, of course, doc is a cleanser at night right now. This is, we have so many different people, you know, we've talked to all these different opinions, right? Should different opinions on what you should use, how you should use it. And a lot of people talk about it, double cleanse because you have makeup on. So it totally depends upon you and your skin because you don't want to dry your skin out just by doing so many different cleanses. Depends on how much makeup you're wearing. That's true.

Mascara's and things like that. A lot of times you can use a makeup. Obviously never sleep in your makeup. That's a bad one. And that leads to a lot more morning routine, but gosh, yeah, it's a lot more coming to see the plastic surgeon. 

Yeah. Well, that's, that's where you're gonna get acne prone skin. You're going to clog your pores and you can get irritations things like that.

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