The Best Anti Aging Antioxidant Facial Serums


So, what do we have in terms of Antioxidents?

We have two from the Smazy Skincare line. The first is our protected serum and it is a vitamin C vitamin E and the CE Feruilc acid combination.

Yeah. Right. These are all great, you know, base products, the vitamin C the vitamin E Ferulic, which potentiates the whole process. Um, you know, it's, it's a, it's a mainstay of many peoples armamentarium for their daily skin defense.

Yeah. And then we also have our Smazy plump and firm it serum with niacinamide, I love niacinamide. I know. Niacinamide is one of our superstars.

Yeah. It's one of those things that it's becoming, again, part of so many products, because it does so many good things for the skin. It defends it, it protects it, um, you know, decreases the risk for skin cancer. It is a great product. So

If you have both of these two, you can alternate them. You can do a one on one day, one on another day.

Well, they do somewhat different things through different cellular mechanisms. But the idea is that our skin is our protective barrier and we have to give it all the potential benefits of what's in modern science, through our understanding of the vitamin compounds that augment the protection cycle to removing damage from the skin from pollutants and UV radiation, you know, part of aging is making sure you provide yourself with good defense against the things, the onslaught that our skin goes through on a daily basis.


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