The Benefits of Horse Chestnut Extract


So another ingredient I want to talk about that's inside of Smazy skincare products is horse Chestnut extract. Now that's a big phrase and a bunch of words put together horse Chestnut extract. I want to let you know why we have it in our Smazy skincare line and it is naturally derived. And I wanted to give you the reasons why, because a lot of companies, there's all these different ingredients in your skincare, and you have no idea why they're there, what they do. And sometimes you can't even read them on the bottle. You have to get a magnifying glass to even see what's on there. And with Smazy skincare, we're naturally derived and we want to be incredibly transparent and let you know everything that's in your skincare and why you're using it. So horse Chestnut extract is in some of our products and it's, I'm going to give you the reasons that it's in there.

Number one, it's soothing. So if we have any sort of skin issues that helps sooth them, it's an anti-irritant, which is great because none of us want our skin irritated in any way, shape or form. And that happens a lot for so many different reasons. And if you are having skin irritations, definitely comment below and let us know, we can try to help you pinpoint what it is, but if it's something that's pretty bad, you need to go see probably a dermatologist and figure out exactly what it is. But sometimes there are things very small. Sometimes it could be the perfume that you're wearing. It could be a fragrance in certain skincare with absolutely no fragrance added fragrance at all whatsoever in Smazy skincare. So it also increases our skin's hydration, which is so important. We all need our skin hydrated. No one wants their skin drying out, and this helps do that as well. So if you have any questions about it, I'll go ahead and let me know in the comments below. And I'm going to put a list of all of our products in this Smazy skincare line that have horse Chestnut extract.

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