The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Serum #skincare


And then we also have our hydrated intense boosting serum with four different types of hyaluronic acid acid, as we know, is a water loving compound, right. And moisture to the skin is very beneficial, especially if you're a combo mix type, dry type and even sensitive types because hyaluronic acid is very compatible with the human body because it's what our cells make. It surrounds nearly all ourselves and the hyaluronic acid that we manufacturer, It comes through a biological process and it's something that's not inflammatory, it's, it's native to the body. So the body doesn't see it as foreign. It's extraordinarily rare, even for sensitive skin types to have an issue. 

Yes, this is for all skin types and it just gives you this. I just feel like it's a huge amount of increased hydration in my skin when I use it. Yeah, because the HA molecule locks it in a forms like a gel barrier and it's, it's, it's a physical type of barrier that hydrates it's like putting on a protective coating. Right.

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