The Benefits Of Using Olive Extract On Your Skin


So one of the next products that's naturally derived that's in this Smazy skincare line is olive extract. Now we've talked before about not using kitchen oils on your skin and different things like that. This is completely different. This isn't like grabbing the olive oil, out of the, your kitchen and putting all over your face. Although that's like a funny trend I've been seeing on YouTube, but that's not what it does. 

Olive extract itself helps reduce inflammation, which is amazing because none of us want inflamed skin, it repairs damage, which is great. It helps nourish and hydrate the skin. It helps slow the effects of aging and it reduces inflammation. Those things are all really important and they're naturally derived and it's something that's added. It's never the actual main ingredient in any of our products, but it's an additive because it does help when it works with some of the other ingredients that we put together. 

So if you want to know which products have all have extract, go ahead and comment below. And I also will put the links to some of the products as well, so that this way you already know which ones have it and make it super easy for you.

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