The Best Day and Night Creams Including Moisturizer


And we have two moisturizers from the Smazy skincare line. I'm completely in love with, for the daytime. You can use our Smazy Free It oil free moisturizer. This is so awesome.

Yeah. I love this. It feels great on the skin. It's a nice, smooth texture. It's actually, you know, again, it's fragrance free so you can, you know, wear whatever you want with it. The worst thing,

And it has niacinamide, one of my favorites. It's, it's such a great product. And, you know, while moisturizing, you're getting this beneficial effect of niacinamide, but it, you know, being oil free, it's good for all skin types. Absolutely. And then we have our Smazy Drench It cream. Now this is mostly used at night because it's a very rich peptide cream, but I have a lot of clients that are loving using it in the day. And it totally depends upon what your lifestyle is, your climate, what you feel like. It's a very luxurious feeling, cream. It's very thick. And you know, some people don't like the, you know, having a thicker cream on during the day, some people love it. Like you say, they, you know, they can't get enough of it. But in my, you know, personally, I like a lighter cream during the day at nighttime, or I go to bed, I put a little bit more kind of, uh, protective restorative, uh, type of cream. That's a thicker.

So that's when you're gonna absorb all of the peptides, absorb all the nutrients when you're sleeping. Right.

And, and if you're very active during the day, you're playing sports and things like that. I mean, the thicker creams tend to run a little bit if you're not really getting them deeply into the skin.

A lot of my clients who are using the, the rich peptide cream, actually like people who live near the beach, they're liking more of the heavier cream. Cause they feel like they'll go out on their bike or whatever. And they, it, it suddenly feels like it's, it's gone and we have a, yeah, that's true.

Moisturizer the salt air definitely kind of dries you out a little bit more. So something more protective in the, those environments may

Be helpful. Yeah. So it's just knowing your skin and knowing what kind of products you like and that's what we're here to help them do and choose. Absolutely. So down below, I'm gonna give you a link to both of the moisturizers. And if you have any questions whatsoever, please let us know, but I'll try to make it as easy and simple for you to choose the best one for you.

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