The Difference Between Hard And Soft Water On Your Skin


So now we're going to talk about your water type, which is so, so important Doc, because when...not your Zodiac sign, right, no water type that you actually have running in your household. Well, that is important for sure. When you're talking about skincare, if we're talking about hard water versus soft water, there's so many different factors that come into play with your skincare, your even your shampoo. Well, you know, growing up on the east coast and, uh, New York, we didn't have an issue with hardened water. We, what type of water? And I didn't even have to check myself. It's not water it's wa-ter. 

We had an issue with water. Yeah. We didn't have hard water, you know, it's a crazy, um, we, you know, the water in New York was actually really kind of, uh, interesting. It was, it was some of the best tasting water. It's pretty solid. Yeah. We didn't really, I didn't really know people with, uh, water softeners when I was growing up because we didn't really need it. Um, you know, things change the environment changes different depending on your municipality. Even if you're in somewhere in New York, you may need something for hard water. 

So what is hard water? Hard water has tons of different minerals in it. Yeah. There are no normally calcium and magnesium. Those are the two big ones, right? So, you know, we're in Las Vegas here and we get our water from water. We get our water from the Colorado river. And so the Colorado river is a notoriously hard water source because as that river comes down through the Rockies, it picks up a lot of calcium, right. And that calcium gets carried along in the water, the magnesium as well, but the calcium, uh, makes the water a little bit more harsh for the skin and a water softener, right. Something that you install in your house basically removes a lot of that mineralization and give you a lot more pure water without, without the carbon or without the calcium in it. 

So when you have soft water, the only ion is sodium basically in it. Yeah. Um, and, and that means that there's less kind of interaction with your skin, especially important for dry skin.

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