Tips For Men Skincare Routines and Products


Tips For Men Skincare Routines and Products
Welcome to the Smazy Academy show with Tonia Ryan and...

Chris Khorsandi MD, aka Doc Vegas.

Doc Vegas. Today we're going to be talking about, do men need a skincare routine?

Do they, of course they do. I mean look, here's the thing. Men I think for the longest time skincare, wasn't considered to be an essential part of our lives. And I think that the ruggedness of the Marlboro Man and that generation.

You're right yeah.

Looking whether beaten is not exactly the best look for-

Yeah it's not a good look anymore.

Right. And so growing up, I mean, I never really heard of the men in my family doing skincare regimens, because it's just not something that we considered as part of our life. But we started to realize in the 80s that all the sun damage that we're experiencing, all the outdoor activities that we do, whether you work under the sun, you play under the sun.

Well, there's so many even blue collar workers working outside all day, who aren't even using a sunscreen.

It's recreational. I mean, here's the thing, the amount of recreational time we have today is greater as a society, which means we're outdoors more, hopefully not indoors on our iPads and things like that.

Oh we do both combination.

Yeah. We'll take our show on the road, put your earphones in and iPods in, your iBuds, whatever. What are called?


The earbuds, right? You put your earbuds in, go out, enjoy the show, but you're outdoors. Right? And so the other thing is that guys are coming in more and more for Botox and for skincare treatments like lasers and hydrafacials, and these aren't the guys that you would think 20 years ago, these are just average people. They're not the guys that are super interested in looks. They're just interested in staying, looking young and healthy.

Looking youthful right.

And then there the folks out there that went through years of not doing anything and now they may be single. They may be out there and they're in their late 30s or 40s. And in this world of Tinder, right? Isn't this the dating world that people live in now?

Look I've never been on Tinder in my life.

Me neither, I don't know anything about it, but I do find it interesting because I talked to a lot of people. We have a lot of young patients and I'm always fascinated in this dating environment that people are going through, because it's very different than when either you or I were in the world of dating.

When guys had to walk up to us and say, "Hi, how are you," make eye contact to get your phone number.

Well there's a lot of talk about how people will put pictures out there on their profiles that really don't look like [crosstalk 00:02:35]. They maybe be from a couple of years.

And then they show up and the person's like, "Okay."

Yeah. So guys are becoming more aware that they need to prevent the crow's feet from setting in, they need to soften the frown lines, they need to make sure that they're not getting these big deep tear troughs, and aging of their face.

Smile lines. All the things you can help prevent.

Listen, I had a friend and he shall remain nameless, but he was a great friend of-

Oh you can't tell us?

No God no, but when we were younger, we would go down to the beach, the shore, the Jersey Shore, and we would have tanning contests, right.

To see who could tan-

Who could get the darkest.

Oh my gosh.

That's crazy, right? It's hard to believe that we were that naive, but we're in our 20s and we're on the beach and it was just a good time. And so we would have these tanning contests and he would really win all the time, because I don't know if he was cheating in between the weekends-

He probably had some sort of...

And going to a tanning salon.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was doing something.

But definitely, it took a toll and you see in his cheek area, especially the tear troughs and the cheeks they dropped, they actually came down a little bit. And he's a little bit more jowly than the rest of our friends at that same age. And it really took a toll on his skin and he does look older than the rest of us because-

Well do you think it's because he wasn't using a skincare regimen as well?

Yes. That's part of it. One of the regimen's cornerstones obviously sunblock and we talk about that, detailed one of our sunblock talks, but obviously nowadays people want to have a very effective sunblock on sunscreen and those are mineral base: zinc, oxide, titanium, oxide. But then there's this preventative care stuff the hydration, and the anti-aging formulations.

They're so important.

And retinol and [colics 00:04:22] and all these different things. So patients always come in and say "You have great skin." Right. "And I go, well I'm aware of-"

The whole [crosstalk 00:04:33] doctor's skincare regimen.

Right and, they go, "How old are you?" And I give them my age and they "Go, wow, your skin looks a lot younger than you actually are." And the gray hair is, I can't change. I'm not going to get rid of that.

You don't want to get rid of them, I like it.

That's fine, but the forehead, the cheeks, I mean I look at my friends who didn't take care of their skin. I did get into skincare once I got into medicine, when I became a physician, I started to say, "Well, wait a minute, wait a minute. I like advantages in life. I like to have better skin." These are little advantages that as a guy, you can have that boost confidence.

Totally boost confidence.

They give you the ability to walk out the door in the morning and say, "Yeah, I'm feeling it today." It's like that little pep and just in swagger it's that flex on people. It's like I got good skin. And so it's like, now it's crazy, because we're in front of the camera all the time. If you're a guy and you're doing stuff on social media and stuff like that, all right, yeah you can filter and face tune-

But you really don't want to do that very much.

But once you get to-

Because when someone sees you in person, they don't think you look as good. I to do the opposite. Not really do that. So then they see me in person, not when I'm dating, I've been married, but just in general, "Oh, she doesn't look like she was 20."

Right. But then you get into live video and yeah, and some of the filters will filter videos and stuff like that like your Instagram stories. But, you can really see when people they're tuning their face. Then you get into the story, you're like, "Okay, that's really obvious," because the motion tuning is never as good as the static single image tuning. And so people are like, "Okay, all right, enough games, enough filters. I got to live in the real world. I got to have good skin."

This is for guys. Women are doing that, but guys are also using face tune and all of that stuff.

Some of the skincare manufacturers have really honed in on this, and companies like SkinMedica they have these packages for men, they have these skincare kits for men. And when it comes down to men's skincare, what I find is that simpler is better. The less steps, the more likely are out to use it. And so when it comes down to skincare products, I think there're some cornerstones that are really important. I mean, if you have oily skin, obviously you want to tone that down a little.

Absolutely and something for acne.

Right acne, obviously acne is an issue. If you have active acne, that's a whole different [crosstalk 00:06:57]. That's a little bit different than-

That's different, we're just talking about the basic-

Just basic regimen, taking care of your skin. So for everyday when I wake up, obviously shower, get out of the shower, shave part of my beard, and I trim a little bit out. And the areas that are not, it's not covered with hair and sometimes I'll apply stuff through the hair follicles, but for those areas, obviously we want to tone a little bit. So I use a little light toner, sometimes on my forehead because it gets very oily. And then a good sunblock. So a moisturizing sunblock.

Yeah. A lot of moisturizers have sunblock in them, which is great.

So here's the thing if you're commuting, right, and even if you have tint on your windows-

Oh it's still going-

You're still getting a lot of sun damage. And people come in all the time, and we're in the clinic and we're doing filler consultations, and we're doing facial consultations for the aging, and people say, "Doc, I don't know why this side of my face, I must sleep on it more. It's more aged." No what it actually is that-

The sun hits that side of the face.

Right, if you have a long commute and you're the driver, the left side of your face is going to get exposed to a lot more UV radiation. Without sunblock, you're aging that part of your face more, and you can see it on some of these people. There's some really dramatic pictures. There was this study in the Journal of American Medical Association of this guy, he was a milk truck driver in Chicago, and these were these old UPS type trucks, where it's a sliding door.

The door would slide open. They keep it open all day.

Yeah so he'd sit with the door open, even in Chicago, guy probably just loved the breeze in his hair, who knows. But you could see the whole left side of his face looks 25, 30 years older than the right side of his face, and that's all because of sun damage. So one of the key things, especially driving around here in Las Vegas and sunny areas, I have sunblock on from the morning.

When you wake up.

Yeah after I shave, I moisturize, I use a moisturizing sunblock, put that on there. And then that's basically all I really need in the morning. And then at night time one of the things I like is I think it's very important to prevent and reverse some of the aging. So I look at Renee's retinols, and retinols is the stuff that you can buy online without a prescription. And it's a vitamin A type compound, and it triggers DNA synthesis that creates new collagen, thickens the dermis, and thins the epidermis a little bit, so your skin has a healthier glow, so you look fresh, right. Girls love when guys have good skin.

We love it.

Right, because-

I mean, no one wants to look at their man. You're always kissing and touching their face, you want them to have beautiful skin. It's very attractive.

But girls go crazy when guys got really good skin.

Yeah they love it.

And they're like, "Oh I want to have kids with you."

Look at your skin. And then if they have a moisturizer on, it has a nice smell, it's even better.

Right. And so this type of stuff makes life easier in the dating pool. So I use a retinol based compound and I use that about twice a week. And it's really simple it's just a little bit, I stay away from the corners of my eyes, corners of my mouth, because I don't want to irritate the skin. And then I don't put it on my lids or eyelids or lower lids or anything like that, because it's too thin in that area. And then there're products, there's one product from Alastin that I like, and it's called a restorative complex and it's got their nectar in it, and it's got a couple of different other products in it and that's it. I mean, I put that on and I'm like-

That's a great product.

Yeah, well that stuff is cool.

That, but we have that available at, all the products the doctor was talking about, and we're actually going to put a link down in the description-

Yeah so you can find this easily and see what we're talking about. And then actually you get on, you're going to see a little bit more description of the product itself, see what the ingredients are. And then if you really want to learn about skincare, like this is cool, but we get into a lot more detailed information at

That's our learning platform where you can learn so much about skincare and help you with your skin care-

Yeah. Smazy S-M-A-Z-Y. So it's an easy name to remember and get in there if you want to learn more about this, but generally skincare for men doesn't have to be complicated.

No, my husband adds in the Alastin eye treatment. He loves it. Literally he'll come to me, "Honey look, I've only been using this a couple of weeks and I hardly have any lines."

Well that's if you're getting crow's feet. Being in this profession, I do get a little bit of a Botox done and that prevents that crow's feet.

Oh you do?

Yeah. I get a little touch every once in a while.

Wow. That's amazing. I never would have known.

That's the only thing I really do.

I never would have known that.

Yeah. Well, listen, I'm very intense in the OR and I'm knitting my eyebrows the whole time. No, I just I started to get deep lines there. Some of that's character. That's cool. It looks good. I mean, I don't mind it, but I don't want to have these big hound dog eyes and the big crow's feet, especially here in an area where there's a lot of reflected light if you're by the pool a lot, you're on the slopes you, get a lot of reflective light, you squint a lot. So you want to soften that with the Botox. But if you get crow's feet there's definitely things the restorative complex that'll help that.

It's amazing.

It's cool. It builds collagen. It thickens that tissue in that area-

And it does something while it's working as well. There's a reflective that minimizes them. It makes them not where they aren't as deep while it's doing the work. You don't notice that they're there-

There's a camouflage activity that it has, but then there's also a therapeutic activity.

Yes. It's both. Because some products are just the camouflage. They aren't really fixing anything. This is doing both. [crosstalk 00:12:19].

Yeah. There's that product on the TV show they always put it on they have the timer.

It's like tape. Remember back in the old school tape [crosstalk 00:12:25].

Yeah. And that stuff is so impractical. I mean, when that type of product came out years ago, I forget the name of it, but I'm not even going to mention it because it's like [crosstalk 00:12:34], it's like infomercial TV stuff, you put it on and the bags shrink. It's basically these two different polymers that you put on top of the skin. And when they react with each other, they actually shorten a little rubber skin. But it's this weird-

Is it like glue?

Yeah. It's like Elmer's glue. It's putting Elmer's glue. Remember when you're a kid, you put the glue on your hand, you peel.

And then how you feel it.

Yeah and then you start off the thing. Oh my God, my skin is peeling. That type of stuff you put on your lower lids, honestly, if you're going to go out and be close, face to face with somebody for the first time, at a dinner or going out for drinks or something like that.

You don't want something like that on.

I don't think you want that type of-

You want something that's going to really repair your skin.

Yeah, you want to repair things. And I think as guys, I think it's okay to want to look good. I mean-

It's great, it's a great thing guys.

Rugged's a mentality I think.

Well rugged you can still look rugged and use good skincare, because some people just have that look anyways, no matter what it is they're using.

Bad skin doesn't make you look rugged. It makes you look bad, but rugged that's the thing I get from a lot of guys are like, "Hey, I want to look manly. I want to look I want to look like masculine and rugged. I don't need cherub like skin-"

Yeah. But no girl wants to look at a guy that has-

Leather face.

Leather face sagging [crosstalk 00:13:49].

You know, it's funny. I've even had bikers, guys who are in bike clubs who ride all the time.

They'll put sun screen on.

No, no, no. They definitely know that. But I've got guys come in, for laser treatments and facial and skincare and neck lifts, because these guys are cool.

You know why, because they want to get chicks.

You're riding that Harley, no seriously, you're riding a Harley, you're getting a lot of damage from the sun.

Of course wind everything.

Wind damage just the environmental damage, but they don't want to show up looking like the hound dog with the jowls hanging down.

No, they still want to try to look good.

Yeah, exactly. They get off that Harley. They're in the club and they're going to get out there and are going to look like, "Hey listen."

They don't want to look like the leather on their jacket.

Yeah, exactly.

That they're wearing.

Yeah some of these guys have jackets it's like they're wearing it for 20 years.

Well that's when they like them.

Yeah because they're broken in, they're comfortable and they have that actual road wear on it. It's a badge of honor, but you don't need to do that with your face.

Yeah. So you're not too manly to use-

[inaudible 00:14:48].

Skin care. I mean, it's good for you.

Not the face, not the face. That's the thing. Your face carries so much emotion with it. It also has this fingerprint of our lives.


Were you are good what your skin or you see heavy smokers. Oh my God.

Do you take of care of yourself, are you not taking care of yourself? And that shows right on the face.

Oh yeah. You see heavy smokers over the years, and when they hit their 50s and 60s, it all falls apart.

Oh yeah, well even before then.

The skin elasticity, it's just-

I watched some of these reality shows and it shows the people's age and I go, what?

Yeah. And, the other thing that I think is important, if you are in an environment the high environmental stress, you're working in a mechanic place, where you're getting fumes. [crosstalk 00:15:33] If you're in a garage, right. You're in a garage, I mean, you try to vent the fumes as much as you can, but you're around cars, you're around oil, you're around volatile chemicals all day long, the [turpines 00:15:42] things like that. You need to protect your skin. You need to like... So what do you do in those circumstances? You can add an antioxidant like a vitamin C serum.

Everyone should have an antioxidant.

Yeah I think they're great. For men you have to simplify stuff. Sometimes-

This is easy though, all they do is it's a serum you put in your hand and then put it on your face.

[crosstalk 00:16:01] You put it on and actually, it feels nice.

It's feels nice.

It's okay. This is the thing, I think as guys we're not allowed to pamper ourselves, that's what we're taught.

But that's old school.

Yeah. That's changing, and I think that taking care of yourself is actually it's a nice thing. I think even for myself, right. I work hard, I have family, I take care of them, and you let yourself go a little bit sometimes, and because you're doing so much for so many people.

Thinking over everyone else, mm-hmm (affirmative).

And so there's no reason why you can't take care of yourself and yeah.

And a lot of-

It's simple regimen.

That's right it's simple. So we'll make sure that we put the regimen down below for you in the description so that it's easy for you to find the product. So we'll put a simpler one and then the more complex one if you want to make sure-

Listen, if there's only one thing you do put a moisturizing sunblock on every morning.

Sun screen and some eye cream [crosstalk 00:16:51].

After you shave and get out of the shower, eye cream is restorative for sure, and protective at nighttime. But, I agree. I mean, there're different levels to this and wherever you are, there's a way back.

Yeah. You can come back from this.

Yeah you can come back. We can bring you back from the brink of... There're things that you can improve. Some things you can't completely improve. Skincare is powerful, it's like lotions and potions, it's like you become wizard of this stuff.

I just couldn't imagine what I would look and what my skin would look like if I haven't used all the types of skin products I had for [crosstalk 00:17:26].

I have guys in the practice that come in, and they work at the strip and nightclubs and stuff. And they're like so many people come up to me like, and say, "What are you doing for your skin?" And it's a conversation starter, it's really cool. So it's something that you shouldn't ignore if you're a guy.

So yes, guys, you do need a skincare regimen. Just do it.

Yeah. There's no doubt. I mean, is it even a question? I mean come on.

I don't think it's a question.

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Well, or you could do it a super simple way and say look, "You already look so-"

Just slide them across the table.

"You already look so good."

Like, "I have some things you need to look at," and just push them across the table.

You just go, "Honey, you already looked so good and you're already so handsome, but I'm upping my skincare regimen and I want you to do it as well. So when we're still together years from now-"

Well listen I'll tell you something. Something that's very nice is when your partner or significant other takes a care of you. We don't get this enough. I'm going to be very honest with you. As guys, we don't get this pampering nowadays as much because we're all so busy. And so it's nice when your significant other pampers you a little bit, looking out for you watching your back. That's what it's all about. Who's got my back?

That's right.

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