Tips To Help Cure Your Dry Skin


You know, what's funny is I have dry skin, but because of the type of products I use, I don't have dry skin. Right. I only have dry skin if I'm not using the proper

Well, that's what good products should do. They should take you from, uh, imbalanced sort of skin to dry and make you more normal make you feel like there's less flakiness kind of mimic the sebum. You can't really induce the tissue to make more sebum, but we can provide topicals that protect and act like sebum without being too oily where it's clogging your pores, right? Yes. We don't want to create outbreaks, but we also want you to be able to apply this easily, um, and protect your skin the way that it's deficient,

Right? And there's types of products that are specifically for dry skin. Like when you're choosing a cleanser, you want to use a gentle cleanser versus maybe a foaming cleanser.

Gentle cleanser is I think one of the big steps that people make mistaken as the cleansing, you know, if you're dry and you're using a cleanser, that's too harsh, it's just going to make it worse.

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