Tips To Prevent Puffiness Under The Eyes #skin


Oh, we have this one. I love it's our Smazy, Reduce It Vitamin K eye cream. It can actually be used all over the face. If you have broken capillaries or rosacea at all. Because what it does is it helps minimize the redness, but it's amazing for dark circles and puffiness as well. Right.

And that's the thing you're going to be more susceptible to that process at nighttime. So you want to layer on the defense mechanism for that and that's the eye cream. Yeah. And there's other tips like sleeping, elevated different things. Would that help if you're having those issues, but I'm a face sleeper side sleeper, so it doesn't help.

I mean, well, I'm a side sleeper and an elevated, like you cannot believe how well, because I have a sleep number. It's the greatest better. I've had those like adjustable beds. It's hard for me to sleep up, but it's probably best for everything, you know, but I ended up somehow face down, you know, side pillow waffle face. And that's the thing I have patients, um, you know, they come in, they say, you know, this side of my face is swollen. I said, well, what side did you sleep on it? I said, well, that side is my favorite side to sleep. Very, you know, simple stuff. Think of that side, that you're sleeping on being like the bottom of the pool. I think this side that I'm sleeping on too, I age more on that side than the other. Yeah. That's certainly an issue.

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