Now can we take, you know, extremely mature skin and restore it to, you know, youthful skin in some ways we can, in some ways we can't. It's a bunch of things. If you can't be unrealistic, depending upon what the damages.

Right, right. It's where you start out and how far back we want to go in the skincare a time machine essentially. And there are some things that, um, you know, topicals cannot restore, you know, and there's things that you need to see a medical professional for. You know,

I was using the Alaskan restorative neck complex cause I was started seeing a little bit of lines and I've been using it about two months and I'm not really seeing any lines and I'm not looking through my glasses.

Well, the last thing, um, one of my favorite lines, um, and you know, that company has really created some really neat, great probable products. I mean, stuff that you're not gonna find in other companies. Right? So that, that restorative complex, um, has one of those products in it and it's a complex and it has one of their other products in it. We'll get to that. We'll get into the, you know, a lot of different products below. Then I'm going to put down there for you that you can click a link and I'll group a lot of them together to make it easy. Or you can go to smazy.com and click our mature skin category and choose individual products as well.

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